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A unique style introduced by itouch

In 2002, itouch professional solutions were one of the first professional resume companies to introduce competency based resumes, and still remain one of just a few world-wide professionals who are able to successfully integrate this component. Competency based interviewing has been around for many years and has benefited the employment market in many different ways, but few professionals were able to integrate this concept into the actual resume. We have spent many years reviewing and analysing this technique. The results of our research were outstanding and have helped us provide what can only be described as unique to itouch Professional Solutions and the success we have built for our clients.

What are Competency Based Resumes?

Competency based resumes are a more targeted approach to the market. Focusing on 5 to 6 key attributes (often defined by your target market), we identify core competencies and build a defined resume around these sets of skills. Moreover, we then focus on the skill, attribute and achievement (similar to the STAR technique) in which we take situations, tasks, actions and results, and develop powerfully worded statements. The end result are resumes that "catch the eye" and help elevate your resume to the Top 5%.

Can Competency Based Resumes be applied to all markets?

Yes, the approach in writing the resume and the model used can be applied across markets. However, we do recommend that clients have some form of target as opposed to aiming at all levels and sectors of the market. In our experience, hybrid resumes produce very little results.

Will you help me define my market?

Yes, we will provide experienced and qualified opinions. It's this level of honesty that helps us build long-term relationships.


  • Targeted resumes built are core competencies
  • More accurate and defined language
  • Open more doors with a competency based resume
  • Increased levels of success - Top 5%
  • Built by leading recruitment professionals
  • Maximise resume efficiency through tailoring



Our resumes and CVs are suitable for all levels of client from the office to the field. 


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