Brisbane & Queensland (QLD) Regions | Market Overview

Queensland is the third largest employing State after New South Wales and Victoria respectively, employing around 20% of Australia’s population. Queensland’s capital, Brisbane, accounts for around half of the State’s population, with around 13% in the Gold Coast area and the remainder in other areas of Queensland. The State is also the third highest employing State of skilled workers in Australia, including managers, professionals, trades workers, and technicians.

 Although Queensland has experienced some growth in employment over recent times, such growth has been considerably lower than the national average. Accounting for over a third of Queensland’s overall employment are the combined industries of:

• Construction
• Retail
• Health Care/Social Assistance

Over recent years new jobs were created in the following sectors, with Health Care and Social Assistance being Queensland’s highest employing sector.

• Professional/Scientific/Technical Services
• Accommodation/Food Services
• Health Care/Social Assistance.

The above industries, as well as Education and Training, and Construction and Mining, are expected to achieve ongoing employment growth in Queensland, with mining and resources considered an important growth sector for Queensland in current times. The abovementioned growth sectors are expected to account for over 60% of Queensland’s employment growth in the short to medium term. Jobs requiring higher post-school qualifications such as advanced Diplomas and Bachelor degrees are also forecast to increase.

Conversely, decreases in employment occurred in the following sectors:

• Electricity/Gas/Water/Wastewater Services
• Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing

Although Queensland accounts for around one quarter of National mining employment, it only accounts for around 2% of State mining jobs, with employment in this area falling over recent years. In Queensland, less workers hold post-school qualifications overall compared to other States and Territories, although more are likely to hold Vocational Education and Training (VET) or Certificate III or higher. Youth employment in Queensland accounts for around 16% of jobs in Queensland, however youth employment has recently declined in the State.

 Recent times have seen a decrease in full-time employment in Queensland, while part-time employment has increased. Overall, experts expect Queensland’s employment prospects to be fairly passive in the short term.


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