Competency Based Resumes -
Why our clients enjoy greater success

Why is a competency-based framework so important?

A CV/Resume built using a competency-based or behavioural-based framework is one of the most powerful types of CV/resume in the market today! By using a Comptency Framework together with Targeted Content + Achievements Focused + High Impact Statements, clients typically achieve 8-12x greater success in the market than standard resume types.

That can be the all important difference between securing the career and future that you deserve, or having your application sidelined.

So, what is a competency-based framework?

A competency-based framework is the strategy we use to build the framework of a Resume, CV and/or LinkedIn profile. Typically, most of us will have a set of core competencies that we excel at. For example, this may be leadership, decision-making, creativity, relationship building, innovation, commercial awareness etc.

The first stage of the process is to identify these competencies and to align them with your target market.

Ideally, we would be looking at around 5 to 6 core competencies that both relate to the jobseeker and to the position types that the jobseeker is targeting.

Content is king...less generic and more prolific

Once we have identified those competencies, the next stage is to provide proven and demonstrated statements. The best strategy is to use the STAR (situation, task, action, result) method to extract qualified statements that highlight your achievements and demonstrate core competencies.

We are looking to be job specific, and steering away from keyword stuffing i.e. the use of generic terminology, and provide the reader with a proven history of behavioural based expertise (which is often a key determiner of how you perform in the future).

By using the above strategy, we also want to transform bland and generic statements into powerful, qualified, and value-added information that will set you apart from the competition.

Competency Based Resume Writing

What results do you get from using this framework?

In fact, tests using an independent panel of HR and Senior Recruiters demonstrated that of the 16 Resumes/CVs written with a competency framework in place, 14 were rated “A” Grade and the other 2 “B” Grade. This compared to a sample of 16  Resumes/CVs without the framework where only 7 made the “A” Grade, 3 “B” Grade, and a worrying 6 more were instantly rejected. 

Results of using a Competency Base Resume

Applying the framework to the right resume format?

Regardless of whether you are using an “Achievements Based”, “Skills Based”, “ATS Targeted”, “Hybrid Styles”, and/or a “Reverse Chronological” CV/Resume (or a mixture of all of these), it’s vitally important that content is built around pre-defined competencies. In fact, upwards of 70% of the resume content will be specifically geared around these key qualities.

What results can you expect

By leveraging from a Competency-Based Framework and building 'Job Specific Tailored Content' we have seen upwards of 98.6% success rates across all levels of assignment. We've seen our clients surpass all expectations, with many landing jobs well in excess of their original salary expectations and CV/Resumes continuously appearing in the Top 5% of all job applications.

In application terms, that's 8-12x more likely for your CV/Resume to be short-lised.

That's an outstanding success for us and our clients.


Resumes STAR technique  

 Resumes using the STAR technique