Melbourne & Victoria Regions| Market Overview

Victoria comprises around 25% of Australia's population, second only behind New South Wales, with a high portion of Victorian employment located in Melbourne, the State's capital, at around 77%. Over recent times Victoria as a State experienced the country's strongest growth in population, as well as the second highest in employment growth.

Following NSW, Victoria also employs the second highest number of skilled workers in Australia, including managers, professionals, trades workers, and technicians, with consistent strong growth in this sector. Victoria employs more than a quarter of employed Australians overall, second only to New South Wales.

Although recent employment figures in manufacturing have fallen in Victoria, the state still employs a relatively high proportion of individuals in this sector compared to other States and Territories. Health Care and Social Assistance is another high employing sector in the State, while new jobs have recently been created in the following sectors:

  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
  • Education and Training
  • Accommodation/Food Services
  • Health Services
  • Technology
  • Business Consulting

Compared to other States and Territories, Victoria employs a reasonably low proportion of professionals in Public Administration and Safety. In Victoria, workers with post-school qualifications are slightly higher than the national average, with Melbourne having the most highly educated workforce in the State. The State's capital Melbourne is seen to be profiting from the city's healthy engagement in construction, which has seen a demand for jobs in related sectors including construction, engineering, design, and architecture. Melbourne's restaurant and food related reputation also sees strong employment prospects in hospitality and tourism, as does its consistently strong performance in information and communication technology.

 Victoria's increase in employment over recent times has been largely due to increased full-time employment, with the State heading an Australia-wide boost in full-time employment, and with part-time employment in the State also increasing. Youth employment also continues to improve in Victoria, with youth accounting for around 15% of the State's employment figures. Overall, experts see Victoria's economy as positive, with Victoria projected to continue to contribute significantly to employment growth.


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