A unique process introduced by itouch

In 2002, itouch Professional Solutions © was one of the first professional resumes writers to introduce competency based resumes and still remains one of just a few world-wide professionals who are able to integrate this component successfully.

Competency based interviewing has been around for many years and has benefited the employment market in many different ways, but few professionals were able to integrate this concept into the actual resume.

We have spent many years reviewing and analysing this technique.

The results of our research were outstanding and have helped us provide what can only be described as something that's quite unique to itouch Professional Solutions and the success we have built for our clients.

Here's just a few of the components we have brought into our designs to help our clients reach the top percentage of all applications:-

  • It's no good saying "I am able to do something", you need to demonstrate this
  • Competency based resumes integrate skills sets with true value add services
  • Resumes need to demonstrate proven success in difficult situations
  • Key competencies need to be assessed against market relevance
  • Every position will have a unique and / or a balanced set of competencies
  • Key competencies provide the resume with focus
  • It's not all about achievements - most want to see something extra!