Targeting a resume

Possibly the most common mistakes employment seekers make is their inability to understand there is a problem with the way their resume content is being portrayed to the reader. 

Try this exercise - next time you pick up a magazine or newspaper, be conscious of just how quickly your eye may start to glance over an article before deciding..."this holds little or no interest..." and turn the page.
But did you give the article a chance? Did you actually take the time to understand what the writer was trying to say? Probably not!

Well, that's exactly the level of attention your resume will receive if the content doesn't appeal.

And let's face it, there's nothing more heartbreaking than spending days writing and re-writing the content of your resume, only for the reader to spend a few seconds glancing over the document and "trashing it".

Resume content is without doubt the most difficult aspect to conquer and an area which truly benefits from professional assistance. Content is a true balance between; quality of script, skills transparency, relevancy and appeal.

Something to think about...

You probably won't get the chance to walk the reader through your resume, therefore the content will need to do the talking.
Does the content of your resume really stack up to the trained eye?
Always seek honest and practical feedback.