It takes many years' experience to get it right, each time

When it comes to resumes, there’s no one resume format that is obligatory to the industry.

If you have already researched resume formats on the internet, you’ll see hundreds of suggestions ranging from font type through to number of pages, and where to categorise and place headers. It’s information overload and unfortunately, there is no real right or wrong...they’re all opinions. 

Furthermore, across the market you’ll notice a number of different resume version types. These are:

  • Reverse Chronological
  • Skills Based or Functional resume
  • Combination of the above
  • The Mini Resume

Without going into the micro dynamics and purpose of each resume format, in the majority of cases we opt for a reverse chronological structure and add our own competency focus. We will guide you if we believe there may be reasons to adopt a different style. The actual format will then be constructed using a five-prong approach:

  1. Clear layout that is easy for the eye, yet professional and informative;
  2. Strong and targeted headers;
  3. Skills section for quick reference, and aligned to target job;
  4. User friendly navigation;
  5. Adaption of format to suit individual and their market.

A weak layout will more often than not result in no phone call, no interview, and rejection. Therefore, we take a great deal of time to ensure that the visual impact of your resume is carefully centred on a strong layout, targeted headers, and user friendly navigation; thus enticing the reader to read more!

With over a decade in Australian and UK recruitment campaign management, and a further decade in the resume writing industry, it’s imperative that our clients benefit from our experience and expertise.

The above is only the beginning, the next stage is creating the content.