If you're not in the top 5%, you're wasting your time

Example - John Smith Builders Ltd advertise for a Financial Controller. They receive some 100 resumes but due to hectic workloads, they will only be able to commit to seeing around 5 - 10 applications.

This is a very typical scenario and one faced by many busy employers. Few businesses will get the time to see more than 10 candidates for their position, and most will only want to see half that number. They only want to see the best - the Top 5%
So if your resume has now been re-formatted, the skills sets match, then surely you're in with a chance?

Within popular employment niches, there can be up to 50% of applicants with similar skill sets to yours - all of whom will claim they can do the job

It's here you'll need to convince the reader that you can bring a message of "true value add,

Many confuse value add with "achievements" - but to convince the reader, you'll need to delve much deeper than just listing a few pointers where you saved the company some time and money.

A true "value add" candidate will have approximately 5 core competencies demonstrated on their resume which can be easily picked up by the reader and matched against what will be seen as the Top 5% of applications.

You'll also need to ensure that your resume will be effective enough to fend off all similar levels of competition.

Make sure you leave the reader wanting to know more, not tired of trying to find...