Accountancy Resume

There are no longer any fields or industries in which there is low or little competition for work. It is a fact of modern life that even those with specialised skills and training are going to have to present the best first impressions and offer a lot of added value if they are to get a job.

This discussion is going to look at the competition faced by accountants and how they will have to create targeted accountancy resume(s) that demonstrate their abilities and achievements in the strongest ways possible.

Let’s first take a moment to consider the “standard” outline used for a resume:

• The contact details;
• Objective statement;
• Summary of Education and Qualifications;
• Experience;
• Honors or achievements;
• Other details; and
• References

How does the modern accountant use this structure in order to grab the attention of the accountancy resume reader? It is a bit tricky because most readers will admit to anywhere from two to twenty seconds before they decide whether or not to continue. Thus, the accountant who fails to make a bold or strong objective statement is likely to lose the interest of the reader.

This is why we say that the best place to put the largest amount of energy or attention is in the objective statement. Target this to meet the description of the job (or the description of the type of work desired) and it is likely that the reader will continue on. It is also beneficial for an accountant to structure their resume outside of the chronological order if it is going to make a more appealing image.

For instance, if the accountant won awards or community recognition during college, be sure to emphasize that over the amount of time worked in the current professional position. This applies to really any area of work, but accountants will find that they operate in a very competitive industry and one that emphasizes success is a key to getting the best jobs.

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