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Part 3 of our competency interview guide by itouch resume services

10. Information Seeking Describe a problem you have encountered at work in the last 6 months. How did you go about rectifying it? What was your involvement? Tell me about the most important decision you have made. How did you go about gathering information to help you make a decision?

11. Initiative What changes have you tried to implement in your area of responsibility? What have you done to get them underway? Give me some examples of you doing more than required in your job. Tell me about some projects you generated on your own. Describe your involvement in a task or project that had to be done within an agreed time frame and be of an excellent work standard. Describe a situation in which you found the results were not up to budget / company expectation. What did you do to rectify the matter?

12. Innovation What are some of the most imaginative things you have done in your present position? Can you think of a situation you had to handle in which old solutions did not work. What did you do to handle it? What did you do differently than your predecessors in the position? What kinds of problems have people recently called on you to solve? Tell me about your contribution to solving the problem.

13. Interpersonal Skills / Communication What are some of the biggest or most demanding groups you have made presentations to? How did you prepare for it and present it? Could you give me an example of a presentation you have made to a senior management or client group. Describe how the information was prepared and presented. What kinds of writing have you done? Can you give me some examples (follow-up one). How did you approach it, who was the audience and what sort of reaction did you get? Can you give me an example of a technical document that you have written for lay people. How long did this take you to complete. Describe how you documented your last project. How did you structure it? How long did it take? What was your involvement specifically? What was the outcome? Tell me about the time when you felt the greatest satisfaction from your documentation or from a report your manager commended you on. What were they impressed by? Why did you feel especially satisfied?

14. Persuasiveness and Negotiating Ability What are some of the best ideas you have ever sold to a superior / peer? What was your approach? Describe a major issue that you have had to fight for. How did you go about it? Why was it important to you? Give me an example of a situation where you have had impact and been able to influence a group of people to do something. Describe your involvement in a task / project with a tight time frame and of high standard. What was your specific involvement? What was the outcome?

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