Resume – Cover letter (the basics)

Resumes: Creating a Powerful Cover Letter

How do you begin the process of creating a potent or powerful cover letter? It all begins with the individual “goal”. For example, why are you applying for this job? What is the underlying goal? Yes, you want to make money and have a job, but what else has steered you towards this particular work?
The strongest resume cover letter use a typical format of:

• Intro
• Discussion
• Summary
• Closing

Within this structure, it is very easy to incorporate the kinds of details and information that is likely to get you an invitation for an interview, but you have to understand how to use them first.

So, you ask yourself those questions from the first paragraph above, and you begin using them to write the introduction. For instance, “I have sent you my resume and application for this position as a swimming instructor because I have a sincere interest in working with disabled children and because I have a long history of working professionally as a swimming instructor”. This is concise and clear BUT it also has the effect of encouraging the reader to peruse the attached resume.

This is when you move on to the discussion and summary sections to further encourage the reader to consider the details in the attached document. For instance, “I found that my summer volunteering work at Camp XYZ, in the Berkshires, opened my eyes to the mutual benefits of teaching in the aquatic programs for special needs children…”

See how this points the reader towards the “other” area of the resume and informs them that the applicant has a pre-existing background in the work, as well as interest in the job? This is powerful information that is not stated in a bragging or boastful way but is used instead to demonstrate how and why the applicant is a good candidate.

The summary information is going to “seal the deal” by giving a list bit of detail. For instance, “Though I have worked in the school system as a counselor and not a ‘hands on’ swim coach, I do have all of the certifications necessary to start teaching immediately”.

This demonstrates commitment and capability and is the reason for the summary area of the cover letter as well. This will guide the reader to check out the entire resume and bring the applicant a lot more than just a mild amount of interest or consideration.

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