Designer Resumes

There is an increasing trend across the internet for resumes to remove themselves from the old fashioned black & white styles, and begin to incorporate graphic design. This can be seen in a number of resume template sites that are now popping up across the internet.

So do designer resumes work?

The answer is a little bit of “yes” and more “no”. For some sectors, it can work well (such as creative, digital media and alike).The problem with using these resumes for other types of roles ist that many recruiters and employers see the use of graphic design as a way of trying to influence through design; as opposed to content and actual work experience in a resume. Often, many resume designs can be a little over kill and stand out for all the wrong reasons.

If you are going to consider using graphically enhanced resumes, then it really needs to speak to the reader in both design and content; with content being the number one deciding factor.
Therefore, it’s often best to see designer resumes for what they are; i.e. an interesting take on a resume, but in the recruitment market, employers will see past the style, and focus on the person, experience and relevance to the job they are recruiting for.

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