Executive Resume Writers Networking Tips

If you research and identify recruiters who specialise in your industry will greatly increase job search efficiency and networking. Check for directories that list executive recruiting firms by type, industry, job function, or region.

Limiting yourself to only contacting executive recruiters or search firms in your immediate geographic area will significantly reduce impact. Search & Headhunters often work from virutal offices, and therefore their reach is national.

Making contact with recruiters and developing relationships with them long before you need them may will see long term rewards. Remember, you are much more marketable before you need a job. Also, if a recruiter asks, making a referral of a qualified person for a position when that may not be relevant to you helps sweeten the relationship.

Asking for referrals from friends, co-workers, family, and colleagues in your industry can quickly build your network.

Joining professional organizations, attending conferences, and telling colleagues confidentially that you are open to talking with recruiters increases your opportunities. Recruiters often attend meetings and conferences as part of their own networking strategy.

Preparing a brief summary of what you do and what you are looking for in your next position, and being ready to quickly express this in a telephone conversation when you contact a recruiter will enable you to give a “30 second commercial.”

Be brave, allow a recruiter to give you honest feedback on whether you may be an acceptable candidate or a marketable one. If they can’t see clear direction in your career after reviewing your resume, it’s time to speak with an executive resume writer.

After sending your resume out – Receiving no response from a recruiter should not be taken personally. Recruiters are very busy, usually managing multiple searches. You may hear from the recruiter several months later when there is a new assignment and your resume matches the requirements of the employer.

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