How to write a resume (4)

How to write a resume (4) – Avoiding too much noise.

This is the 4th part of our insider tips into “how to write a resume”.

One of the primary reasons for rejections is lack of identity or understanding of the resume and how it aligns with the vacancy you are applying for. A symptom of this problem relates to too much information and not enough direction.

This often happens when the person who has written the resume has tried to include everything  which has ultimately resulted in a “hybrid”  resume/CV that has too much content  i.e. too much unnecessary information.

Recruiters need to be able to identify with the resume in seconds. If they can’t see what they are looking for, or think the resume is too convoluted, then they will simply hold your application or reject. Therefore, you must always carefully plan the structure of the resume/CV, and be comfortable with leaving out components of your experience, and weighting more relevant experience, therefore creating a balanced  resume/CV which includes relevant value adds and targeted keywords, as well as suitable job descriptions that match the positions you are now seeking the market.

For example, a Project Manager  who has a real mixed background  that includes areas such as IT management, business management, software engineering, business analysis and other areas, will need to think very carefully about what information they should display in their resume/CV. If they are aiming for a project management role, then you need to keep focused on that part of the market and tailor your resume/CV accordingly. If you include everything, you’re simply land in the ” too hard basket”.

Seek general evaluation – one of the most useful exercises you can perform is to give your resume and  an intended job advertisement to someone who is impartial and ideally, doesn’t know your background and can’t be influenced by what you say. Then, let them decide whether they can see if your experience matches that job description in the matter of seconds.

Seek professional evaluation –   in conjunction with the  general evaluation, you would be wise to also ask a recruitment professional their opinions on the types of roles you should be seeking based on your resume, and where that your resume fits a particular job type. If you get feedback which suggests you might be suitable for a number of roles, you may want to use this feedback as both a negative and positive, and consider tailoring your resume further just one or two types.


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