It’s time to get your resume right (resume writers)


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HIRING a professional resume writer could be the difference between gaining a job interview or receiving a rejection letter.

Roland Coombes, founder of Itouch Professional Solutions, believes many people struggle with the task of writing about themselves.

“It’s always been word-ofmouth but the market has changed a lot since then,” Coombes says.

After a decade working in recruitment, he now writes resumes for jobseekers in all types of industry sectors, from white collar workers to the odd black hawk pilot.

“Everyone floods the market coming off the holidays between start of December and end of January,” he says.

New employment opportunities during this time can be difficult because key decisionmakers in businesses are still on leave.

For those looking to improve their resume at home, he shares this advice.

“Keep your resume focused and concise – remove unnecessary information,” Coombes says. “Align the content of the resume with the job you’re seeking – that’s very important.”




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Cassandra Briedis

Group Features Writer


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