Looking for Resume Writing Services with a difference?

Given the explosion of resume service providers across the internet, it’s become extremely difficult to assess the good from the bad, the franchise from the sole operated. In fact, picking the right resume service provider can be more difficult than trying to pick a stock from the ASX 200.

So how do you go about choosing who is right for you?

The first step is take a good, long look through their website. Assess the content, and think to yourself, if that’s how the company presents themselves, will they present my resume with the same quality as you witness in their online content.

Make sure that they have the right industry background, industry awards and are recognised. Accreditations are also a major benefit, although some associations are subscription based so it’s unlikely they resume writer has needed to undertake any formal assessments of their work. You may be better off seeking ones that are recommended by a professional industry such as the CA, ACS or alike.

Check those offering resume writing services are a registered entity, and that they are registered with the Department of Fair Trading in Australia.

Finally, undertake a search to find out any comments, web blogs and/or general market feedback. A simple Google search of (resume writing services + reviews) will often throw up many customer comments. Use this information to assess the real customer reviews.

Why do we provide you with the above and not just say “use itouch as a resume service provider”? It’s because we want to ensure you are knowledgeable and ensure that you are choosing our resume service for the right reasons.

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