Resume – Competency Resumes

Do you remember the “show and tell” events from your primary school days? This was a time when you brought something to school to “show” the class, and you also had a chance to “tell” them all about it as well. Though it made most kids nervous to do this, it let peers get to know one another on a much deeper level. This is also the reason that anyone writing professional resumes needs to find the ways to show and tell a possible employer about theircore competencies”.

What are they? The core competencies can also be called your strong points and tend to include the professional skills that you have mastered to such a degree that you could probably teach others about them. It is tremendously important to identify these competencies for your resume when you are someone seeking a junior level position through to executive resumes, as it is one way to be sure you stand out from the crowd.

How do you manage to point out these strengths? You start by looking at the resume or executive resume in terms of the job at hand. Is the resume going to be a stronger tool if you use a chronological format of experiences and recognition or is your resume going to serve you better if things are left a bit more flexible? For instance, if the goal of the resume is to identify the core competencies it may be better to list the special certifications in order of their relevance rather than when they were received over the course of many years.

If you use this sort of list you are showing the reader what you have mastered in your career thus far, and it is also going to allow you to tell them a bit about your abilities. This is going to be a bit more impressive than if you just listed things such as “management skills,” or a “proficiency with software,” etc.

Where do you put these core competencies in the resume? Again, that is going to be up to you and most experts would indicate that you somehow incorporate them into the objective statement in the resume as well. For instance, if the job you seek requires a high level of proficiency in certain software, and this is one of the competencies you can demonstrate then indicate in the objective statement that you are “actively pursuing channels through which you can apply your mastery of….” and then list the software in question. This is impressive, eye catching and likely to get you an invitation for an interview.

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