Resume Cover Letter

Tailoring a Resume Cover Letter to a Job

It is absolutely amazing to read how many job seekers feel that the cover letter is unnecessary or just a “peripheral” thing attached to the resume and application. The cover letter is actually a powerful bargaining tool that you can use to heavily influence the outcome of the job application process.

Whether you are simply scouting for a position in a firm that is not currently hiring or making an active application for a specific job, you have to use the cover letter accordingly. The first thing to do is to understand that the cover letter has to be contained to a single page and rely on no more than four to six paragraphs.

Additionally, your resume cover letter should have an introductory paragraph, a brief discussion of the purpose of the application, a summary of your relevant skills or experiences, and the conclusion. Each of these areas has to be carefully crafted to target the precise job for which you are applying.
Here is a brief illustration of what we mean when we say that anyone can tailor any cover letter for any job or position: let’s say that you are hoping to get an interview for the job of warehouse manager. Now, this is often a career that requires only a basic application and infrequently asks for a resume of some kind. You can create a tailored cover letter to demonstrate professionalism, but to also outline the ways that you are truly an ideal candidate.

For instance, you can open by indicating the job you seek. You can then move into the discussion section which explains your history in warehouse work or management of groups of people. You can then move into your background and identify how your work history relates to management, security, facilities, detail orientation, responsibility etc. Finally, you must tailor this letter to reflect how you have a lot of added value and would prove a highly qualified and reliable employee.

You see? Cover letters can be written by upper level executives seeking to get an offer for a very lucrative position or they can be for jobs that most people do not view as extraordinarily formal. The thing about the cover letter is that it can be custom tailored to paint a very favorable portrait of candidates and to quickly point towards their experience and qualifications. This gives anyone an advantage and can lead to a fast offer of employment.

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