Resume Cover letter – thank you notes

A Resume Cover Letter for a Thank You Note

Do you need to write some sort of resume cover letter for a thank you note? The subject of this brief discussion is the thank you note that you MUST draft whenever you have been contacted and given an interview for a job to which you applied.

For example, let’s say that you applied for a part-time job working at a service desk at the local community center. During your visit, you noticed that all of the staff was incredibly busy and that the person doing the interview couldn’t help but be a bit distracted from time to time.

You may have felt that you did not get a “fair shake” at this interview and you decide to quickly follow up with an email AND a written note. Is that overkill? No, it is going to be something that the person who interviewed will greatly appreciate because it will demonstrate that you are courteous and willing to give your time to the smaller details.

So, what would you say in any of these communications? The email is going to be extremely simple and to the point: “Hello [insert name]: I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to [meet with me/interview me/give me a tour/etc.]. The [insert business] seems like a great place to work and I appreciate your invitation for the interview today. Sincerely, “

Be sure to send it within a few hours of the interview (via the recruitment agencies if needed) and be sure to jot down that you have done this if you are interviewing in many places.

The written note should open with a “Just wanted to thank you again for the interview”. It wouldn’t hurt to note that you had a nice time and hope to hear from them soon. This is common business courtesy that will elevate you from the crowd and cause the interviewer to make special note!

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