Resume & CV Switch – Choosing a Career in Government

Choosing a Career in Government trying to decide on the career path that you want to take, or when you are looking into switching careers, you might consider choosing a career in government. Government jobs enable you to earn a living while contributing to our society in a positive way. These jobs have many perks associated with them and offer you a stable, secure work environment.

Government jobs have long been sought after because of the stability that they offer. For the most part, once you land a government job you will be able to work in government for the rest of your life. These careers are secure and very rarely will you get fired or laid off as long as you do your job to the best of your ability.

Careers in government also offer perks and benefits that jobs in the private sector do not. Most government jobs offer a large amount of days off for sickness and for vacation. Many government jobs also roll over these sick and vacation days from year to year, so that you can amass a large number of days off in a row. Most private sector jobs do not roll over these paid days off, so even if the job you take in government pays a lower salary than a non-government job, the paid time off can make the deal sweeter.

Government jobs also offer good insurance and retirement benefits that many private sector jobs cannot. Health insurance and retirement are important aspects of any career, having them can save you thousands of dollars per year if you have to pay for your own insurance.

The process of getting a government job can be difficult, however, because the positions are so attractive. You will most likely have to go through a few rounds of interviews and some fairly rigorous background checks. If you have many blemishes on your criminal record or a poor financial history you may be ineligible for some of these positions, so look into the specific requirements for each job.

If you are looking for a job that offers full coverage insurance, a good retirement, security and a large number of vacation and sick days that roll over, look into getting a government job. Salaries are often lower than the private sector, but valuable perks and benefits make these jobs worth a lower salary. If you are willing to jump through a few hoops, you could find yourself a government job.

NOTE – resume applications for government require the completion of Selection Criteria. It’s important that you address the selection criteria in addition to the resume, and not forward a resume/CV on its own.

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