Resume CV – targeting your Resume CV

If you could travel back in time to the 1980s you would see that many people began a job search by sitting down with a professional resume writer or CV writer and creating a single document. This would then be sent to a printer’s, where the owner of the resume would get a few hundred copies of the document to attach to each and every application. This sounds like a completely foreign approach to the process in the modern era of Internet applications and paperless documentation, but it is also outdated on principle as well.

What does that mean? Well, the idea of a single resume (for all levels including executive resumes) used for all of the job applications is a bit ridiculous. Today’s interviewers and Human Resources departments understand right away when a “stock” resume is being used and may not give the applicant precedence over someone who has clearly “crafted” their application and resume for the job in question.

Briefly, anyone creating their resume for a job application has to consider what their goal is (in other words, they have to be able to understand how their experiences qualify them for that particular job) and they then have to target their resume to demonstrate their qualifications.

How is this done? We would suggest that you utilize one of the major resume boosting tools – a marketing statement. This is often called the “objective statement” and appears as one of the first items of the resume. It is a rare opportunity to really make the document stand out because it can be written as the ideal answer to the “question” posed by the job description.

For instance, if the job says that it needs a self-motivated person, the marketing statement can indicate that the applicant is seeking work that requires them to remain motivated, attentive, and focused and without a lot of guidance or management.

Structuring a marketing statement within a resume or executive resumes to target the job in question is one of the best ways to create a completely targeted resume as well.

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