Resume Layout

There’s much talk about what are the standard Australian resume layout requirements, how many pages should be included, what to put in and what to leave out etc. Here we will provide you with a simple overview from our executive resume writers on some of the differences that an Australian resume faces as opposed to its overseas counterparts and what you may want to consider when looking into a resume layout.

► Size – does it matter ?

Here in Australia, we have been extremely fortunate to avoid some of the rules faced in the UK and the US. Currently the UK have set a standard for an average of just two pages, and the US has restricted this even further to many business asking for just a one page version.

Standard Australian formats are now 2 to 3 pages giving the writer much more opportunity to express themselves. Executive resumes can differ with the average being 2 to 4 pages.

► Confidentiality

Believe it or not, there are rules and regulations that have been embedded into the Australian employment market which are there to protect your privacy and the information that you include in your resume.

In many other countries, the employment markets are much more aggressive, with recruitment agencies seeing resumes as much more than just a candidates employment history and gain a fruitful array of pickings for their own marketing activity and databases

► Age

To put an old question to rest, “NO, you do not need to state your age on your resume”. You don’t even need to state Mr, Mrs or Miss. Once again, the good old Australian market understands that age and sex just doesn’t matter, it’s about the person being able to do the role. Alas, if only companies could see past the same.

► References

Do not include these on your resume. Always state “references available on request”. Additionally, never surrender this information too quickly, you could just be giving an agency an excuse to complete a marketing call which won’t always benefit youself.

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