Resume – strategies

Resume Strategies

How do you go about getting your resume noticed? One of the simplest ways to answer that question is to warn you about things that will NOT get you noticed or that will cause a potential employer to stop reading the resume too soon.

For example, if you include tables or graphics in a resume it is a warning sign to a reader that you are either hiding something or too focused on being creative to ensure that the information in the document is read by the recipient.

So, rule one is to avoid inserting unnecessary graphics into the resume. This leads to the next issue, and that is formatting. Because word processing programs are universal, it is no longer acceptable for bizarre formatting issues to arise. Sticking with a standard “sans serif” font is a cardinal rule, but so too is using only fixed margins and traditional bullet points. Also save the resume document in a format that is “readable” by all PC and mobile types. If a potential boss opens the resume / document to find it skewed and all over the place…guess what he/she does…closes it and move to the next applicant!

The next rule to consider is time and potential resume mistakes…a resume reader averages no more than 20 seconds of reading before deciding if they want to continue. This means that if you want to have a stand out resume you need to format it in a way that relates directly to the job at hand and which grabs the reader’s attention permanently.

How is that done? We could say that you can be noticed by avoiding a reliance on resume chronological order, but that isn’t all that’s accurate. This is because the chronological order of a resume can work for some applicants. What we can suggest is that you look at the job in question and determine how best to structure your skills, experiences, education, and other special details in a way that ensures the reader sits up and takes notice.

Using bullets is also something that you have to take into consideration. A lot of people don’t like the idea of bulleted lists appearing in their document, but the reality is that a bulleted list is extremely “reader-friendly” and far more likely to grab the eye than blocks of printed or “bold” text.

There are all kinds of tricks to use when formatting a resume, and we hope we have steered you away from pitfalls and towards the tactics that get you an interview!

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