Resume Writer – Tips for New Year

Get a head start this year. Here are our top 10 list of things to do to avoid the congestion of the New Year job hunt:

1) Ensure your resume is up to date and in tip-to-condition;

2) Start applying from day 1 (Jan 1st) – you’ve nothing to lose

3) Follow up all calls to the agency (it’s quiet period so you’ll stand more chance of getting through)

4) Do not apply for everything – you must be selective

5) Use a cover letter – it shows commitment and understanding

6) Befriend recruiters early but don’t harass them

7) Try to apply to companies direct and follow up your application

8) Understand, that there will be delays as many “decision makers”  are on holiday

9) Chase ads in the Newspaper, these jobs are often active;

10) Be positive and don’t lose momentum


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