Resumes – Creating an Online Resume Portfolio

Though the Internet seems to be a primary resource for billions of people around the globe, it is not a complete solution. Well, not yet, anyway! This is definitely something that is changing, however, when you consider the ways that job seekers can now create websites as a backup to their resume and / or highly attractive online resume/ portfolios too.
Here’s an example:

A graphic designer has spent a few years under contract with a publishing company. He/she wants to find a new career that uses similar skills, but it is difficult to “translate” the work to a few lines of text on an electronic resume. What’s the solution? He/she can create the regular electronic resume, or he/she can also create an online portfolio.

This would be viewable through an embedded link in the resume, and a potential employer would need only click on that link in order to open the portfolio too.

What would that accomplish? Let’s say that the graphic artist was apply for a job designing a history magazine that was online and printed. He/she could identify the different historical books and encyclopaedias for the original publishing house and include embedded links to images taken directly from the works. He/she might also use links to point a potential employer to pages showing reviews of the books in order to demonstrate achievement.

This takes us to the main point of creating an online resume and portfolio. – The old “showing versus telling” debate in terms of resumes and job hunting. Though it is very easy to draft a bulleted list of the accomplishments or skills you have, it is not really that valid. For instance, the designer in our example can say that he/she has skills with Adobe software and photo editing, but if he/she has a link that opens instantly to an example of photo editing skills within their resume/resumes, this is much more effective.

Clearly, this means that online job seeking may not be as simple as filling out an application and submitting a few documents, but if all of the modern resources are put to use it could lead to a better career opportunity. We do need to emphasize that the quality of the work when designing resumes for online has to be “top notch” as well. You don’t want a potential employer to ever try to use a broken link or one that takes them to a malfunctioning or poorly designed resume portfolio. It’s best to plan one step ahead and with a smarter strategy!

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