Resumes – sample management action verbs

The following is a list of sample action verbs that can be used when writing resumes for management based roles. It’s important that resumes are themed and that you make your resume interesting, informative and most importantly, natural.

Please feel free to use the list when preparing your resume. This list is to assist people on a non commercial basis. As you can appreciate, as resume writers, we are able to draw on the the word style, content, action verbs and transferable skills to ensure resumes capture the true essence of your background.

Example Managememt / Leadership Skills:

eliminated, emphasised, enacted
enforced, enhanced, established
evaluated, executed, generated
handled, headed, hired
hosted, improved, incorporated
increased, initiated, inspected
instituted, led, managed
rejuvenated, reorganised, replaced
restored, reviewed, scheduled
secured, selected, streamlined
strengthened, supervised, terminated

Example Organisational Verbs

accumulated, adopted, approved
arranged, catalogued, categorized
charted, classified, coded
collated, collected, compiled
corrected, distributed, executed,
provided, purchased, recorded
registered, reserved, responded
retained, reviewed, routed
scheduled, screened, set up
standardised, submitted, supplied
systematised, updated, validated

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