Resumes – using a Resume for LinkedIn

Resumes – using a Resume for LinkedIn

Did you know that one of the most common activities or reasons that people make a LinkedIn profile is to begin using it as an online resume? This is because it is a way of maintaining a very professional social network without risking the same problems that Facebook might cause. For instance, a Facebook profile is a great job hunting tool, but one lousy photograph posted by a friend or one off color comment made by a colleague could cause you to lose a bit of opportunity. It’s also not regarded as a professional profile in which resumes or a resume should be posted.

Instead, you can take all of the data from your resume and / or resumes “plugged” it into the LinkedIn profile instead. For instance, you can use the professional summary area of the profile for all of the professional experiences you would note on the resume. You can rely on the resumes keywords and skills area of the profile to ensure that you remain a viable candidate in all of the most appropriate searches done by employers. You can also use the links section to demonstrate your achievements, publications, awards, honors, and more; thus making a resume/resumes much more powerful than ever before.

You do need to understand that LinkedIn is becoming a powerful tool for headhunters who are doing “passive” searches on resumes and profiles stored. This means that they are actually looking at possible employees from groups that are not actually seeking employment. This indicates that you may find yourself competing against people who are not even aware of the job opening and even those who have never posted their resumes onto Linkedin. It’s also an ideal strategy for executive resumes .

These are reasons that you do need to adapt your resume to work well in the LinkedIn profile. Keep in mind the kinds of work you are applying for and be sure to understand all of the relevant keywords involved in your line of work. Incorporating all of this data into your profile, spreading the word through updates and comments, and responding to all messages will let you use this social network as an optimal tool in a job hunt.

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