The importance of staying positive

Having been in recruitment for many years, we have seen many different personalities. Yet, the underlining key to success for all candidate that have achieved success has been with those that have a positive mental attitude. Positivity breeds success, and employers like nothing more than someone who is positive; it brushes off on everyone including the team and management. Those who come over as positive often gain acceptance into jobs that they are not as skilled as other candidates. Yet the belief and the positivity they give off, often leads to them getting the job.


So what can you do to be positive? Here are some quick tips:

Never go into an interview stressed – exercise, yoga, whatever it takes to free the mind

Make sure you are knowledgeable of the position

Make sure you are knowledgeable of your own CV and can explain your skills

Promote yourself as someone who gets things done

Be confident in your ability to quickly learn and take on new challenges

Smile and relax in the interview

Talk normally and rationally to the interviewer, keep positivity in your mind.

Research positive mental attitude on the internet (there’s tonnes of info out there)

Never put others down or talk negatively about previous jobs

Enjoy the interview, smile and give a positive handshake at the end


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