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When you need a professional resume service that delivers something special.

In the ultra-competitive world of job applications, you need a professional-looking resume that stands out from the crowd both visually and content-wise. iTouch Master Resume Writers are the team you need, so you sit head and shoulders above all other applicants.

Roland Coombes - Chief Resume Writer & Career Consultant

I’m Roland Coombes, a passionate careers expert who enjoys helping people like you gain that competitive edge.

For more than 25 years, my focus has been on helping my clients achieve their career aspirations, leveraging my experience and expertise in the Australian and international recruitment market to rebuild their profiles so they can compete in the top 5% of shortlists. My expertise and that of my team include professional resume writing services, CV writing, LinkedIn writing services, and career consulting.

I want us to embark on this transformative journey together and unlock the doors you need to land the role that you truly deserve.

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How Can I Help You Today?

We can deliver you more than just a world-class resume that puts you in the top 5% of applicants. You can have a complete LinkedIn profile or career and interview coaching sessions. Find out more.

Resume Writing Services

Boasting over 30 industry awards and 20 years of experience writing resumes in the Australian job market we are Master Resume Writers are here to create resumes and CV's that will get you noticed in a crowded market. Our success comes from our Resume Writers working with clients on a one-to-one basis. We never stop challenging ourselves.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

LinkedIn is the 5th largest social media network, and arguably the number one professional networking site in the world. 4.2 million active users every month, this is the platform you want to be on. Our LinkedIn Profile Writing Services are designed to deliver a compelling profile that attracts recruiters and potential employers. LinkedIn Profile Writing includes crafting profiles to open doors for new opportunities.

Executive Writing Services

If you’re a leader looking to make an impact, you need more than just an outstanding resume with just a list of accomplishments. You need your story told in a compelling way that grabs the reader’s attention, which is where our Executive Resume Writing services can help you. 

Careers & Interview Coaching

Our award winning resume writing services got you an interview? Fantastic. We can now coach you and train you in how to ace the interview and get that dream job. We can also coach you on your next steps in your career. We want to help you move onwards and upwards professional, so you’re happy with work and life.

Don't Just Take My Word For It: View Examples of Our Work

Learn what makes our work some of the Best Resume Writing Services you can hire. Each Professional Resume is produced using our very own Competency Framework + STAR + Stength Based Content + ATS 2.0 content strategy. 

30+ Industry Awards

Winner TORI, CV Mag & C-Suite Best Resume Writer

We have been ranked as the number 1 resume writers in Sydney, and across Australia, many times, with more than 30 industry awards under our belt. Our team of professional writers have the talent and the tools to make your career goals a reality. We leverage a strengths-based approach so each and every one of you can demonstrate a true value-add to any organisation you apply for. We help you effectively communicate who you are and how you can have a meaningful impact for your future employers.

CV Writer Awards


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

I’ve been utilising itouch resume services for over eight years which says it all. I’vee checked my resume against my colleagues, and each time I’m confident to say that my version is of a superior standard. I’ve had employers and industry contacts commenting on the quality of the CV which boosts my confidence. I really do appreciate their help.


Senior Manager

Roland assisted with the preparation of my Resume which resulted in an interview for my current role. I found Roland to be professional and ethical in the way that he presented my work history, skills and value proposition to prospective employers. My resume has been highly successful and I have no hesitancy in recommending Roland’s work.

Paul B

LinkedIn Recommendation

I came to know of Roland as a Resuime Writer through a friend of mine. I was initially apprehensive about paying the fees upfront for constructing my resume as the communicatinos were primarily through emails. But Roland called me over the phone and assured me about continuous service till I am fully satisfied. I found that very positive and reassuring. Roland kept his word and continued to support me when ever I queried him and was quick to respond. I have since recommended Roland to many friends of mine. Keep up the good work Roland.

Balaji P

LinkedIn Recommendation

Roland is amazing! I can’t thank him enough for giving my resume the boost it needed. Within 4 weeks I got offered a job with an amazing multinational company. The HR manager was quite surprised how my resume was layed out. If you are thinking in using i Touch to write your resume I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

David S


Your Own Master Resume Writer

We want you to aim for the TOP 5% of short-lists through our professional resume, CV, and LinkedIn writing.

At iTouch, we rebuild job profiles by harnessing over 25 years of market insights, trends and experience. Our strategies and tools are designed to make your profile stand out.  

Customise our services to suit the stage you’re at in your career. Our professional resume writing services, CV writing, LinkedIn services and career consulting work together to place you in the top 5%  of shortlists. 

We offer stellar resume writing and a LinkedIn strategy that aligns with your career goals. Our professional resume writers will help leverage your unique strengths and assist you in landing your dream job. 

Professional one-to-one coaching and interview guidance are also available to offer support when you need it most. 

The right job profile strategy can place you leagues above the competition an d unlock opportunities you never thought possible. With our help, you’ll gain a competitive edge and soon be on your way to advancing your career. 

Why Your LinkedIn Needs to Get Noticed.

LinkedIn has grown to become a market leading professional networking tool throughout Perth and Australia, with an estimated 14 million users nationally. ITouch Master Resume Writers are also specialists in LinkedIn Profile Writing Services, helping our clients achieve greater views, networking capability, and job seeking opportunities.

Our award-winning writers can produce a LinkedIn profile with keyword optimisation, and professional branding, give you a visual impact and an engaging summary of who you are and why you’re the best there is.

FAQs Resume and CV Writing Services:

What makes your Resume Writing Services unique?

Our team of expert Resume Writers are just a handful of resume writers worldwide who use a competency-based framework (CBF), stength-based content, and advanced ATS 2.0 to build each and every resume. This framework is far superior to the traditional ways of other Resume Writers use.

Are you based in Australia or offshore?

We are 100% based in Australia, covering all regions including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, and Adelaide. We DO NOT offshore our work. You will work on a one-to-one basis with each Master Resume Writer.

How long does you Resume Writing Services take?

The process will involve full interaction between our Master Resume Writers and you, and will involve a detailed Q&A process, review of jobs that you are targeting, and expertly written content and drafts. The process takes around 4-9 working days.

What results can I expect?

With over 25 years of experience in resume writing services and recruitment, you will be in safe hands. As a result-driven business, we are focused on building CVs, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles that achieve greater conversion rates with upwards of 98.6% clients achieving the results they needed.

What is a Master Resume Writer?

Master Resume Writers are typically industry leaders that usually have a minimum of 10-15 years of industry experience. Additionally, Master Resume Writers have:
  • Recognised awards: They are acknowledged by reputable organizations in the field for their exceptional work.
  • Industry involvement: They actively contribute to setting industry standards and improving the profession.
  • Mentorship: They have experience training and developing other resume writers.

Are your Resume Writing Services 100% guaranteed?

All our work is covered by a 100% guarantee of services. Should your CV or resume not produce the expected results, we will undertake a full review and analysis, and complete a rewrite as needed with no further charges. Terms and conditions apply.

How do I make a booking?

To make a booking, send an enquiry using any of the booking forms found throughout the website, or you can email us directly at All quotations are obligation-free.

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