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Our Resume writing services are designed to alleviate the pressure from the job seeker and provide a competitive edge, delivering a standout resume that will aid in securing an interview and ultimately a job. But our expert resume writing services are also designed to go that bit further, giving our clients the tools and confidence needed to approach the market, to sell their story to future employers, and deliver results at the TOP 5% of the market.

We also never forget that YOU are the client, and YOU are what makes our business. That’s what makes the process so special. When booking our resume writing services, you will partner with our expert resume writer. Whether it will be Roland Coombes or another specialist (you decide), we are committed to ensure your resume passes through the toughest selection criteria and YOU achieve maximum success.

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Award-Winning CV & Resume Writing Services

Our professional resume writing services are tailored to fit both your career experience and budget. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to advance to the next level, we have a solution designed to showcase your unique strengths and achievements. Choose the plan that best suits your needs and take the next step in your career journey with confidence.

Resume Writing Services - Pricing Column

Early Career and Rising Star

Resumes from $190-$320 plus GST

Learn more today about how iTouch Master Resume Writers can help you with your career needs

Resume Writing Services - Pricing Column

The Experienced Pro

Resumes from $310-$420 plus GST

We design resumes and CV that stand out in a crowded market. This is a one-one-services. 100% guarantees of service (T&Cs apply)

Resume Writing Services - Pricing Column

Current & Future Leaders

Resumes from $410-$520 plus GST

We build career-defining resumes and LinkedIn profiles. You will leverage our 25 years industry experience to deliver results.

Does Your Resume Pass the 10 Second Test?

With hundreds of CVs and resumes hitting a recruiter’s inbox for each job, it won’t surprise you to find out that over 90% of applications are rejected within the first 10 seconds of opening. There are many reasons why your resume or CV, and even the best resume writers, get it wrong.

  • Targeted content
  • Core competencies matched with job specs
  • Easy-to-follow resume format
  • Technical keywording
  • ATS 2.0 keyword friendly
  • Strength-based content
  • Achievement focused

What Makes Our Resume Writing Services Special

Our 8 Point Content Strategy

Resume Writers - Over 20 Years Market Experience Target market

To get the most out of your job search, it’s important that you can tap into the 25 years Australian market experience that we have to offer. Our resume writing services are designed to provide you with the insights needed elevate content of your Resume/CV.

Dynamic Content for each CV Resume Dynamic Content

The secret to success in delivering significant results is through a dynamic content model that includes a competency framework, STAR, and strength-based wording. This model is unique to our resume writing services, boasting a 98.6% success rate.

Career Counselling Resume Format

The format of the resume will influence the reader. If it's too complex, your application may quickly be sidelined. Therefore, the best formats are those that are easy to navigate, don't rely too heavily on graphics, but use clearly defined position titles, job descriptions, company descriptions, skill sections, and highlight results.

Double Diamond Resume Writing Services Technical keywording

Most industries and sectors will rely on specific technical language that will resonate with the reader. By incorporating technical keywording, we are taking out the guesswork ensuring that your job description is aligned with the latest industry standards.

ATS Filters Advanced ATS 2.0

With the latest developments in HR automation, ATS 2.0 is quickly being integrated into the mainstream recruitment model. Therefore, all resume writing services need to adapt to this change, leveraging the latest advancements in ATS/AI and social signals to enhance the performance of your CV/resume.

Best Resume Writers in Sydney and Australia Reach the Top 5%

With jobs now receiving upwards of 200+ applications, it’s important that we use the latest standards, strategies, and techniques to elevate your CV & Resume to the Top 5% of the short list. This will involve extensive research to build out a resume format that aligns with your industry target.

Australian Resume Writers Resume Evolution

Careers don't stand still, and employees are often learning new skills daily. Therefore, it is important that a resume can quickly evolve with the individual. The best resume writing services will consider career evolution and deliver a holistic approach to building each resume document.

100% Guarantees 100% Guarantees

Our resume writing services are results-driven. We want to ensure that you are 100% happy with the end product and that you achieve the desired results. We offer an unlimited revisions policy. Please see our terms and conditions for full details.

98.6% Success Rate Across All Verticals

What results can you expect from Our Resume Writing Services?

In a recent client survey, our Master Resume Writers have observed a 98.6% success rate for clients across all market verticals using our resume writing services. However, it is important to note that everyone’s backgrounds differ, and while some clients achieve success in as little as a couple of weeks, others may need to wait longer and adopt a more complex strategy for securing interviews in more restricted experience or industry sectors. 

During each consultation, it is crucial to provide real-world advice, which may include market approach strategies, various adaptations of resumes, tactics for accessing the hidden job market, and extended career advice. Our resume writing services are designed to be dynamic and adaptable to meet the unique needs of each client.

Professional Resume Writers Australia

Resume Writing Services in Sydney

Sydney’s dynamic job market demands standout resumes, especially in sectors like finance, technology, and media. At iTouch Master Resume Writers, we understand the pulse of this vibrant city. Our expert writers craft compelling resumes that highlight your skills and achievements, ensuring you stand out in the competitive Sydney job landscape. Whether you’re aiming for a corporate role in Barangaroo or a tech start-up in Surry Hills, our tailored resumes open doors to your dream career.

Resume Writing Services in Brisbane

Brisbane is rapidly growing, with expanding opportunities in public administration, healthcare, and infrastructure. At iTouch Master Resume Writers, we craft resumes that emphasise your expertise and readiness for Brisbane’s job markets. Whether you’re a professional aiming for a role in the government sector or the booming construction industry, our resumes are designed to showcase your skills and propel you to the forefront of the job market in Brisbane.

Resume Writing Services in Melbourne

Melbourne’s cultural diversity and robust economic environment make it a hub for creative industries, education, and health services. iTouch Master Resume Writers are here to help you navigate Melbourne’s eclectic job market. Our professional writers specialise in creating personalised, impactful resumes that cater to the unique opportunities in Melbourne. Let us help you capture the essence of what Melbourne employers are looking for.

Resume Writing Services in Canberra

Canberra’s job market is dominated by the public sector, with a significant demand for professionals in government, defense, and policy-making. At iTouch Master Resume Writers, we design resumes that speak directly to the needs of Canberra’s predominant employers. Our tailored resumes emphasise your policy expertise, analytical skills, and the unique qualifications needed to excel in the public domain, helping you secure a pivotal role in Australia’s capital.

Resume Writing Services in Perth

As the gateway to Australia’s mining and energy sectors, Perth offers unique career opportunities that require specialised resumes. iTouch Master Resume Writers has a deep understanding of the Perth job market, focusing on creating resumes that highlight sector-specific skills and experiences. Whether you’re looking to advance in the mining industry or capitalise on Perth’s growing renewable energy sector, our expertly crafted resumes are your first step towards achieving your career goals.

View Examples of our Work

All professional resumes are designed using our competency-based framework. It is important that the resume services we offer evolve around the candidate, i.e., the individual, but most importantly, are successful for the client. Please take the time to review the examples of our work to get an idea of our resume writing style.

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What our Clients Are Saying About Our Resume Writing Service

Across the Internet, you will find hundreds of positive reviews from clients who are using our resume writing services to boost their career. We take great pride in serving as a trusted partner to our clients, and treating everyone as an individual. For more information on our resume writing services, please contact us directly.

Roland has been a trusted partner throughout my career, providing me with a resume that not only represents me, but sells my story, and put forward my identity. I have achieved tremendous results, and will continue to use his firm.

T Barrot

Ops Director

Roland and his team took the time needed to help me rethink my strategy on approaching the market. As a result, within a few weeks I saw a significant momentum increase, resulting in me securing my ideal job with a fantastic salary and bonus scheme also.

Resume Writing Services Recommendation

Jackie P

HR Assistant

Industry Awards

Resume Writing Services - Our Awards

The Secrets to Our Resume Writing Success

For us, the most important aspect of our work is not just crafting a beautifully designed resume, but more importantly, the content we include. Resume writing is more than just a service; it is an art form, where skilled resume writers need to hone their skills over many years.

Each resume is built and developed using our very own competency-based framework (CBF), a strategy that is unique to iTouch Master Resume Writers. This framework has seen our clients enjoy a 98.6% success rate across all market verticals.

To complement our resume services, we also provide full support for LinkedIn profile writing, cover letters, job networking introductions, career counselling, and interview assistance. You can benefit from our 25 years in the industry, giving you the knowledge needed to achieve success across each stage of your job search.

Resume Writing Services FAQs

How do your resume writing services differ from others?

We believe we stand out among resume writing services because we utilise the Competency-Based Framework (CBF) along with the STAR and ATS 2.0 techniques. Moreover, we possess over 25 years of industry experience in the Australian market and have earned more than 30 industry awards. We are also frequent contributors to discussions on the resume writing industry. Above all, we are Master Resume Writers with a demonstrated history of delivering successful outcomes.

What is your success rate?

Our clients have enjoyed a 98.6% success rate across all markets. Some secure almost immediate results (interviews and job offers), while others require a more structured strategy around their job search, which will take more time (but we can guide you).

Can I see examples of your work?

Absolutely. You'll find a portfolio of resume examples here.

What resume industry awards have you won?

Our awards for Resume Writing Services include, the TORI (Toast of the Resume Industry) Awards, CV Magazine Pro Awards, Australian CEO Awards, AI Media Awards, WOMO Awards, AEG Australia’s Finest Awards, Corporate Vision Awards, and C-Suite Australian Best Resume Awards, among others. Additionally, we have been recognized by LinkedIn as specialists in the field of resume writing. Furthermore, we have been subcontracted by esteemed organizations such as the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and Deloitte Australia for several projects involving the rewriting of their staff/client profiles.

Are you resume writing services Australian-based?

Yes, we are 100% based in Australia and we do not offshore any of our resume writing work. It is important that we stay true to our market, which gives us the expert insight needed to understand how competitive Australia has become and what we need to do to make jobseekers stand out.

Who will write my resume?

At the time of providing a quote, you will also engage in dialect with the person who will be writing your resume. As we are a small, close-knit team, you will work on a one-to-one basis with the relevant consultant. Our Chief Resume Writer (Roland Coombes) is also very hands-on, so don’t be surprised if it is Roland who you will be working with.

How much do your resume writing services cost?

It will depend on your level of experience and the complexity of your resume. Our resume writing prices start from as little as $195.00 plus GST (junior level) and go up to $520.00 plus GST  (for more experienced professionals). We cannot stress enough that this is an investment in your future. Additionally, there are several add-ons you may want to consider, such as cover letters and LinkedIn profiles. We provide obligation-free quotes and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Full Pricing Guide Here.

Can you help with my LinkedIn profile also?

Yes, we do provide a dedicated LinkedIn profile writing service. We believe that in this day and age, it is essential that both the resume and LinkedIn profile correspond properly, thereby giving you a maximum advantage to uncover new job opportunities in the market.

How do I book your resume writing services?

To get an obligation free quote, please use our booking form. We typically respond within a few hours our one working day.