Roland Coombes - Chief Resume Writer

Meet Roland Coombes: A Professional Journey of Dedication and Expertise

Roland Coombes is the Chief Resume Writer for iTouch, where over the last 25 years he has established the business as a leader in the resume writing services industry. With an impressive portfolio of clients and a deep understanding of the job market, 

Roland has helped countless individuals secure their dream jobs through his insights in recruitment and career advice. 

In the following, we explore Roland’s unique background to better undertand why he has been so successful.

Background in Recruitment

Roland’s journey in the recruitment industry began more than three decades ago when he joined Reed PLC, a leading recruitment agency in the UK. In his role as a recruitment consultant and then as a branch manager, he serviced the recruitment needs of clients such as HSBC, Regis Group, Port of Tilbury, and Allied Mills PLC. He quickly rose through the ranks, and his hard work was recognised by James Reed, the CEO of the company, with Roland winning the “Recruiter of the Year Award” on two separate occasions—an incredible achievement considering the business employs over 2000 recruitment consultants.


In 2001, Roland moved to Sydney, Australia, to join Jonathan Wren, a specialist finance division of the Adecco Group. He again rose through the ranks to become a highly successful recruiter and manager of the Sydney, NSW Branch, helping to develop many key accounts including CBA, ANZ, Aristocrat, KPMG, Alliance, Grant Thornton, Westpac, CDI, Honeywell, Siemens, and more.


Transition to Resume Writing

With his background in human resources and recruitment, Roland realised he had a firsthand understanding of what employers are looking for in potential candidates. Transitioning into resume writing was a natural progression for Roland. He recognised a significant gap in the market for high-quality, professionally written resumes that effectively showcase a candidate’s strengths and potential. Additionally, he knew the key to success was to arm candidates with the skills and knowledge needed to prepare themselves and navigate a highly competitive job market. Within a few years, Roland had established iTouch as a leading organisation for resume writing, with his resume writing skills being recognised throughout the industry and across Australia, the UK, and internationally.


Deep Knowledge of the Job Market

One of Roland’s greatest strengths is his in-depth knowledge of the ever-evolving job market, as well as how recruiters and employers view CVs and resumes, and what goes through an employer’s mind when shortlisting and culling CVs. Understanding how a gatekeeper works has been critical to crafting resumes that not only capture attention but align with current market requirements. Roland will be the first to tell any candidate that a resume is more than just a document; it is a strategic tool that can open doors to new opportunities.


His experience spans multiple markets including technology, engineering, finance, professional services, human resources, healthcare, and more. Roland’s ability to highlight relevant skills, experiences, and achievements in a way that resonates with employers sets him apart from other resume writers. His clients range from recent graduates to senior executives, so no matter your level, you can tap into Roland’s knowledge to gain insights that can help you succeed.

More than just a Resume Writer

Roland Coombes is more than just a resume writer; he is a career strategist, a mentor, and a dedicated professional committed to helping his clients achieve their career goals. His extensive experience, deep market knowledge, and personal insights make him a trusted partner for anyone looking to enhance their career prospects. Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, Roland’s expertise can help you navigate the complexities of the job market and secure the opportunities you deserve. For more information about 

Industry Awards

Voted Best Resume Writers in Sydney & Australia

Time and time again, Roland has tested himself and has won numerous competitions, including the much-coveted TORI (Toast of the Industry Award). He has also been hand-picked to help improve other resume writers, strengthen industry compliance, has been quoted in numerous industry journals (News, Sydney Courier, Financial News Review, Hudsone Weekly, Ritz Herald, Daily Bulletin, etc.), and has worked with organisations such as Deloitte and the ACS (Australian Computer Society) to provide expert guidance and delivery of client profiling.

Roland Coombes - Career Snapshot

itouch solutions

2006 - Current

Director & CEO

Grew itouch from a start-up to being a leading name in resume writing services for the Australian market. Helped over 7,600 clients achieve their career goals. Expanded the buiness to offer expertise in LinkedIn networking stategies and Career Consulting .

Industry Awards: 1st Place TORI Winners | CV Pro Award | C-Suite Awards | CV Magazine Awards | RI Industry Award | EmploymentGuide Lifetime Award | Pro-Mag Best Resume Service Australia | WOMO 5-Star | AI Media Australian CEO Award

Jonathan Wren Recruitment

2001 to 2006

Branch Manager & Specialist Head Hunter

Jonathan Wren specialises in permanent and temporary recruitment solutions in finance, accounting, banking, legal and insurance. The company forms part of Adecco, with a global footprint covering Europe, North America, the UK and Asia. Member of the Senior Management Team. Led the P&L turnaround to transition Sydney from heavy losses to profit. Transitioned division to become "flag-ship state"; outperforming all other regions. Hands-on recruitment partner for key client contracts. Managed branding and communication strategies including re-brand to Ajlion Led recruitment and development of Sydney division. Formed part of the Ajilon Senior Management Committee Managed compliance with Audit, ISO9000 & RCSA. Countered downward pressure in the market from GFC and competitor pricing. Championed O&D, HR and internal recruitment strategies.

Clients included CBA, ANZ, Aristocrat, KPMG, Alliance, Grant Thornton, Westpac, CDI, Honeywell, and more.
Awarded Recruiter of the Year

Reed UK

1997 to 2000

Recruitment Expert

REED is one of the largest employment agencies in the United Kingdom and is also host to the UK's most visited commercial job site. The Reed group has over 3,000 permanent employees working across 425 business units in 180 locations worldwide. Led a regional branch to become a "league leader" in its respective division . Financially outperfomed many super-branches. Secured, grew and protected critical market share despite heavy competition from Hays. Signed corporate agreements with large Tier-1 clients and government contracts. Earned national recognition through determination, ethics and results

"Recruiter of the Year Award" 2 years running - measured from over 2,000+ consultants