Career Coaching & Interview Support: Gaining the upper edge

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For more than 25 years, we have been working with clients to develop and implement the strategies that you will need to bring your career goals to reality. We understand both the difficulties and opportunities that you will face in the real world.

Whether you have reached a career crossroads or are feeling underwhelmed in your current role, we can work with you to map out the stages you’ll need to ensure the next stage(s) of your career journey is achievable.


  • 25 years of industry experience
  • Career mapping by expert HR/Recruitment specialists
  • Conscious, real-world solutions
  • Learn how to skyrocket your career
  • Overcome mind-blocks and anxiety
  • Build the skills needed to ace any interview 

Career Coaching: Starting out your career

For school leavers, graduates, and those just starting their careers, you might be choosing between courses and occupations and unsure which one is ideal. We’ll help you discover your unique personal style, discuss realistic options in the market, and map out a career framework with both short- and mid-range outlooks. This involves discovery sessions to establish a workable program and understand the right level of support you need to achieve your goals.

At the heart of this approach is the recognition that everyone is an individual with different strengths and needs. By the end of the consulting program, we are looking to empower you with the tools and insights necessary to take on the challenges and opportunities you will be presented with. This will build your confidence and ensure you are ready to approach the job market with a newly found enthusiasm.

Career Mapping
Job market analysis
Market sector reviews
Job interview guidance

Career Coaching: Experienced professionals

For those of you who are more experienced professionals, we’ll partner with you to make informed decisions about your career path, set clear and measurable goals, and discuss potential challenges. This typically involves an in-depth career assessment, clear goal definition, implementation of career transition strategies (if needed), identification of skill development areas, network guidance strategies, and skill building to empower the next stages of your career journey.

For seasoned professionals navigating the complex terrain of their careers, we understand the challenges you face. Whether you are looking to keep on the same career trajectory, have reached a crossroads, or want to change career paths altogether, our job is to work with you as a career partner.

Given that everyone client is unique in their own right, we will implement an exploration program to better understand your potential requirements. These assessments are a perfect way for us to decipher your strengths, preferences, and areas for growth. From there, we work hand-in-hand to set clear and measurable goals that will serve as the compass for moving forward.

For those of you who are contemplating career transitions (such as a total transformation), we need to focus on understanding why and then work through a comprehensive program to map out the skills needed to transfer to your new found career, and to also identify training opportunities. This may also include strategies to tap into your professional and personal connections to open new doors.

Expert consulting
Strategy workshops
Short & long range planning
Indepth market analysis
Interview Practice - general, advanced & comptency based
Industry Experience
Clients Helped
Diffrent Markets
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Job Interview Coaching

Interviews still play a prevalent role in today’s job market. 

Acing a job interview can be a great confidence booster. However, for many, job interviewing doesn’t always come naturally and, if not done well, can be a career blocker. 

Therefore, our job is to work with you to build the confidence framework that will help you succeed. The skills we train clients in will involve everything from managing anxiety through to preparation and execution. 

The interview practice and role-play can take the form of Zoom/Teams meetings and are designed to take you through the many steps you’ll need to ensure that interview is no longer seen as an obstacle but as a perfect opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition.