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Personalised Career Counselling: Guiding You to Your Perfect Fit

We understand that choosing the right career path can be a daunting task. In a complex and ever-changing landscape, we know that there are countless opportunities but also many challenges to be faced. We believe that everyone deserves a fulfilling and rewarding career that aligns with their skills, interests, and aspirations.

Empowering You to Make Informed Career Decisions

Our Career Counselling Service is designed to empower individuals like you to make informed and confident career decisions. Whether you are a recent graduate embarking on your professional journey, an experienced professional seeking a career change, or someone simply looking for guidance in your current career, our team of experienced career counsellors is here to guide you every step of the way.

Personalised Approach for Your Unique Journey

What sets our Career Counselling Service apart is both our personalised approach but also a deep understanding of the recruitment industry.

We recognise that each individual has unique strengths, passions, and goals. Our expert career counsellors will work closely with you to understand your aspirations, assess your skills, and identify opportunities that align with your values. But more importantly, to provide realistic advice based on current market trends and changes.

Through one-on-one consultations, we will help you explore various career options, evaluate their viability, and develop a strategic roadmap to achieve your goals. We believe that your career should be an extension of your true self, and our counsellors are dedicated to helping you find your perfect fit.

Interview Practice Service: Excelling in the Art of Impression

In addition to our Career Counselling Service, we offer an Interview Practice Service that is specifically designed to sharpen your interviewing skills and boost your confidence. We understand that interviews can be nerve-wracking experiences, often determining the course of your career.

Our experienced interview coaches will provide you with invaluable insights into the interview process, including tips on how to effectively communicate your skills and experiences, tackle challenging questions, and leave a lasting impression on potential employers. With our Interview Practice Service, you can approach any interview with confidence, knowing that you are well-prepared to showcase your true potential.


Pricing will depend very much on the individual and their needs.

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