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LinkedIn now has the fifth largest social media footprint in Australia, with a jaw-dropping 4.2 million monthly active Australian users on their platform, and that figure set to double in the next 5 to 10 years.

In a recent research report by Omicore, 44% of LinkedIn users were in the medium to high-scale salary brackets earning between $70,000 to $200,000+, whilst the highest growth is appearing in recent college graduates and the millennials.

Establishing your Brand Identity through LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a fantastic networking and social engagement tool aimed at the working professional. With hundreds of forums to read and share information, it’s easy to become addicted for all the right reasons, and you may soon become recognised as a subject matter expert!

The more you network, the greater your brand identity becomes. The more you network, the greater your brand identity becomes.

Furthermore, if you would like a brand presence that gets you noticed by recruiters and employers alike, you will be interested to know that more than 40% of recruiters now use LinkedIn, and more than 38% of medium-large organisations advertise jobs (with that number set to rise dramatically).

Here's a snapshot of what recruiters use to search your profile (inside the recruiters module).

Building a 'fuller' profile

The design of your LinkedIn profile can speak volumes about you. It will also influence others, how they contact you, and the reason for the contact. The following are key drivers when making a compelling LinkedIn profile:

1) A professional photo and background image
2) Use the taglines to provide compelling statements
3) Tell a story within your content
4) Clearly demonstrate your skills and what you bring to the market
5) Seek endorsements and recommendations
6) Add posts to demonstrate your subject matter knowledge
7) Actively engage in forums and write comments
8) Share interesting articles on your feed


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All-Star Status Profiles

We build 'All-Star" profiles. These profiles see jumps of up to 400+ views and significant increases in new connections.

Having been involved in LinkedIn profile writing for more than 10 years, we’ve been privy to many changes within the platform and the effect these have on a profile. Our aim is to navigate your profile from beginner through to expert and all-star status, and to drive user numbers and increase your connections.


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"“What an amazing transformation of my profile! Last week, I saw 98 views of my profile and 84 views the week before (it’s going up). Previously I would be lucky to have 3 or 5 a week. I’m actually proud to share my LinkedIn profile with associates now. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you." Read more 5 star reviews here


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