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Category Best Suited for Pricing
Early Career and Rising Star You know what you want to be, but just need help to get there. That's where we step in. From $195-$310 plus GST + other services More Info
The Experienced Pro Ideal for those needing a Top 5% focus and when compromise simply isn't an option. From $320-$410 plus GST + other services More Info
Current & Future Leaders One of the toughest segments of the market but a category we are deeply passionate about. From $390-$480 plus GST + other services More Info


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Competency Resumes © | Why you should accept nothing less

It’s our secret formula, well not so secret, as we want to share our success with you. All itouch CVs and Resumes are built using this award-winning model. In fact, 98.6% of our clients saw significant results within the first 4 to 6 weeks post project completion.

Discover the secrets here...

Resume Hacking | Delivering the knock out punch!

Discover the simple tricks, hacks, key wording and other strategies that we use to refine your resume further. From analysing content through to re-ordering bullet points, quick industry research and much more.

Simple Hacks & Tricks

Applicant Track Software (ATS) - What you need to know

What is the truth about Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) and what measures should you use to incorporate key wording into your resume. We look at both the essential and the...not so essentials of ATS.

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)