When you've reached the top of your profession, your resume needs to stand out, perform and get noticed

We have extensive experience in Executive and Search Recruitment (Australia and the UK) having worked campaigns for the likes of HSBC, Ford, CommonWealth Bank (CBA), Grant Thornton, Westfield, ANZ Bank, Cisco, CSR Ltd and Westfarmers to name but a few.

Many of the campaigns managed highlighted that Senior Management and Executive resumes were far too often poorly positioned and didn't capture the readers interest, and with so much to write about, it's understandable just why resume writing at this level can be the most demanding.

These days, the Board expect to see much more from a resume; multi-skilled, value add and talented business professionals are skills sets now officially on the agenda.

We have partnered with many organisations to understand their recruitment processes and find our exactly what they look for in applications at this level. Over the years, we have created a formula to enhance key competencies involving; strategy, leadership and vision with a focus on positive contribution and outcome as well as adopting a clean, clear and precise approach to a very competitive area of the market.

Executive Resumes Writers for (but not restricted to):

  • Chief Executive Officers CEO's (ASX publicly listed, Pty's and International)
  • Directors of operations executive resume writers
  • Executive Consultant / Strategist
  • Finance Directors / Chief Finance Officer
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Legal Partners and Professional Executives
  • Human Resource Directors / Managers
  • Commercial Directors (including engineering, IT&T, construction, manufacturing etc)
  • General Managers
  • Commercial Directors

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