Free Resume Templates

With such an abundance of resources across the internet including; free resume templates, CV templates and cheap resume software, the natural question to ask is “Why do I need to pay?”.  The answer is this, “you don’t have to, but if you are serious about your career, then you will know just how much of an investment your resume really is”.

Free on-line resume templates

A service that’s usually offered by online job boards and recruiters to help get the job seeker started. These are useful for those starting their careers, but should not be used by experienced professionals.

Professional Resume Templates

A nice idea, but the template is just one component – the most important factor is the content and to be honest, most “professional resume templates” were great gimmicks in the 1990’s but hold very little value in today’s market where they look dated and offer no true content value.

Resume blasters Something that should be avoided at your peril.

Resume blasters are an American born idea which is basically another form of spamming. If you don’t mind your resume being “blasted” across Australia with little or no control, then good luck Resume Software Resume software which contains great caption lines such as “100’s of templates to choose from” and “be up and running within 5 minutes” are fine if you are looking for a job in burger express, but remember, for a professional resume then there is simply no substitute for quality of content