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Article: Resume Cover Letter – Networking

They say that “all is fair in love and war,” but in the current job situation they can also say that all is fair in job seeking too. Now, we are not advocating sabotage in the least, but we are saying that you can become a very active prospector and job seeker by using passive tactics.

This brief discussion is going to introduce you to the fine art of writing a cover letter and sending in a resume even when a company is not currently hiring. By putting yourself into the “head” of the appropriate office or manager, you are likely to find yourself at the top of their “to call” list when an appropriate job becomes available or when some new project is created.
We should also mention that companies use this same tactic too. They call it “head hunting” and will actually hire firms to find the “best candidate and not the best applicant”. What this means is that they are willing to “poach” a currently employed person from another firm if that person has the right credentials and skills available.

How does this help you? It means that you can pre-empt a head hunting mission by presenting yourself to the searches in advance of the beginning of the mission. You can do this best by carefully crafting a cover letter for your resume and indicating how your abilities (which are demonstrated in the resume) are an ideal match for their needs – even if they are not indicating any needs at the time.

Here’s How to Do it: in the cover letter you will have the introduction, the discussion, the summary and the closing. This means you have around four to six paragraphs in which to “sell” your professional self to a possible employer. The introduction is going to have to be concise and clear – and very bold. You know they aren’t hiring, but you know you are an optimal employee for their firm. You then use the discussion to briefly explain your knowledge of their firm and work, how your work reflects their esthetics or mission, and how you are at the top of your industry or field. You then briefly identify a few things about yourself (which will be found in the resume) that makes you even more ideally suited, and close by saying you would be happy to meet and discuss opportunities.

Be sure the resume is structured for the kind of work you seek, and uses keywords appropriately. Then submit the package and follow up in a week or so. Do not pester and simply wait for the call that is sure to come!

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