Resume Services – competency questions (2)

itouch resume services are experts in resume writing services. The following is a useful guide on the types of competency based questions that may arise for interview.

Customer Service Orientation

  •  Describe a time that illustrates how you built a relationship with a client.
  •  How did you go about the process of identifying user requirements? What was your specific role?
  •  Sometimes we are not on the same wavelength as a user. Describe a time a user wanted something different from what you had in mind. What did they want? How did it differ from what you wanted? How did you overcome the differences? What was the result?
  •  What have you done in the last 6 months to foster effective customer relationships? How do you know if you are meeting your customer’s needs?
  •  In your current job, can you give me some examples of where you have exceeded the expectations of your customers?
  •  Sometimes, customers have very unrealistic expectations. Can you describe a time when you have had to pursuade a customer to rethink their expectations and help them consider alternatives? What was the outcome?

Develop Others

  •   What have you done to develop the people in your current team?
  •  If you left / were promoted tomorrow, do you have a replacement? What did you do to help develop him / her?
  •  What are the major training and development needs of the people in your department? How did you identify them? What are you going to do about them?
  •  What techniques have you found most useful in developing subordinates?
  •  To what extend did subordinates participate in decisions you made?
  • Why?

Eye For Detail / Meticulous

  •   We’ve all had occasions when we were working on something that just “slipped through the cracks”. Can you give me some examples of when this happened to you? Cause? Results?
  •  Describe your system for controlling errors in your work.
  •  Can you give me some examples of times when you found errors in your work? Causes? Results? How did you handle this?
  •  We’ve all had times when we just couldn’t get everything done on time. When and why has this happened to you?


  •   Describe a situation in which your initial attempt to gain someone’s support and co-operation failed? Did you try again? What was your approach?
  •  Tell me about a situation in which you have had to adjust quickly to changes in organisational priorities. What was the impact of the change on you?
  •  Which bosses have you worked for most effectively and why?
  •  Tell me about some situations in your job where you had to abruptly change what you were doing. What did you do? How did it affect your?
  •  What kind of problems did you run into switching from position to position (contract work)?


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