Resumes – Graphic Designer resume

Did you know that there are ways to create “targeted” resumes? The subject of this brief discussion is the creation of graphic designer resumes, but we are also going to emphasize the fact that any graphic designer is going to have far more luck if he/she designs the document based on the job in question.

For instance, graphic designers might make patterns for fabrics, they may design books and publications, or they could do illustrations for children’s books. These are entirely unique jobs and require entirely unique resumes for success. This is why we say that any resume has to be constantly re-worked in order to be appropriately targeted for the recipient.

When the subject is resumed for graphic designers, we do have to consider a few additional issues. For instance, all graphic designer resumes have to be available in an electronic format. This is no big deal to a graphic designer who can whip up the document easily and save it in any number of formats. The issue that arises, however, is how to go about describing the work in the rather flat language of a resume?

The solution is to partner a graphic designer resumes with an online portfolio. Any designer worth his/her proverbial salt is going to have a website. There are now affordable hosting packages that offer an appropriate URL for the graphic designer resume and which also gives him/her the option of creating a site that is a commercial entity or simply an online portfolio. It is up to the designer to make the best choice, but either way, he/she does need to embed links to the portfolio within the resume.

So, this means that a designer has to make as targeted graphic designer resume as anyone else doing an online job search. It also means that a designer has to use online portfolios and workable links to ensure that potential employers can easily see his/her work.

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