Resumes – value propositions

Value Propositions in Resumes

Though “value propositions” are a value that is believed by a customer to come from working with a specific brand of company, you can actually create value propositions in your resume too.

How? It is actually a fun and challenging way to craft innovative and eye-catching professional resumes! This is because any value proposition is going to be based entirely on a review or analysis of the value, costs, and benefits that can be gained by hiring you for a specific job.

Here is what we mean: as you craft a resume for a specific job opening, you have to be sure that it is targeted to meet the requirements in the job listing. For instance, you will find ways of identifying your accomplishments that relate to the job requirements. You might change the order of things on your resume to be value-based instead of chronological, and you may opt to replace an objective statement with a value proposition instead.

The objective statement is often one of the first things to appear in the resume and it will be written anew for each and every application. This statement is going to often indicate personal goals, but it is to the benefit of the applicant to be sure that their “goals” are in line with the requirements of the job. For instance, the person who wants to “attain a higher level of proficiency with programming” may be applying for a specific IT position, etc.

This same person could eliminate their objective statement and insert a value proposition that uses all of the data from the resume (training, skills, experiences, industry awards, honors, interests, and more) to show the benefits and value that they bring to the organization. They can then demonstrate that the costs associated with their services are going to be valid and worthy because of the guarantees that they bring to the proverbial table!

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