At some stage of the job application process you will be asked for your salary expectation. This can be a difficult moment if you’re uncomfortable discussing money and if you are concerned that you may overplay or underplay your salary position.  

To counter this, it’s worth undertaking a little research and making use of some of the fantastic free salary surveys and salary guides on many of the recruitment agency websites. Michael Page, Hays, Robert Half, and Hudsons are just some of the Australian recruitment agencies who provide this information online to members of the general public.  

These guides are very useful, however, wherever possible try speaking with an expert in the field who can evaluate your specific background and provide a more accurate interpretation of your salary expectations. It’s worth noting that your market worth is only a matter of what a prospective employer is willing to pay for your services, not what “you” think they should pay you.

So if your salary expectations are greater than 20-40% of the salary being offered, it is more than likely that you are over-skilled for the position. Furthermore, if you are seeking a large jump in your existing salary, you will need to provide a very solid case as to why. All our consultants are experienced in providing salary and remuneration guidance – there is no extra charges for this service.

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