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Looking for more than just a Resume/CV? We offer a full branding experience from LinkedIn to building client identities
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Competency Based Resumes
Shhhh...Our Secret Formula
Our Master Resume Writers use a unique competency-based frameworks to craft powerfully written CV/Resumes.
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2019 Pricing Guide
Our pricing structure has been designed to be affordable to all, with a focus on maximum return on your investment.
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When it comes to CVs and resume writing, itouch professional solutions are kind of a big thing!

Over the years, our team of highly-skilled Master Resume Writers have helped thousands of clients achieve their career goals. From CV and resume writing services to LinkedIn profiling and personal branding, our focus is on that all-important TOP 5%, helping you secure the best quality job interviews.No matter what your level of experience, we’re here to help you succeed.

If you aren’t getting the results you deserve or simply need a boost in the market, we have more than 15 years’ experience as Master Resume Writers. We are well-recognised in the industry as Tier-1 level Resume Writers and providers of resume writing services, having won awards in TORI, CV Pro, Employment Guide, 5 Star Google, and more. No matter what your level of experience, we’re here to help you succeed.

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itouch Master Resume Writers: Award-Winning Competency Based Resumes ©
We are Master Resume Writers who have perfected the art of "competency-based" resume writing. Each one of our clients has a different story to tell.
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Resume Hacks - How to Tailor a Resume

Resume Hacks: Right now were busy working...
Right now, we’re most likely in front of a computer screen doing what we do best! No, we're not part of a secret society. But we would like to share these 5 simple hacks we use to tailor a CV/Resume.
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Resume Services - Pricing Guide

Full Pricing Guide Here:
Junior Levels ($210-$280 plus GST)| Experienced Pros ($320-$380 plus GST)| Current & Future Leaders (360-$460 plus GST) | Plus many discounts on add-on packages such as LinkedIn profiling, job cover letters and more  Pricing & Services

The professional resume test - how does your resume shape up?

Ever heard the saying "top 5 %?" Here we explore why resumes fail to make an impression in the market and why "95%" of resume applications fail.
The top 10 Resume/CV mistakes

From lack of focus through to visual format and irrelevant noise, we’ve put together our fascinating insight into the Top 10 resume failures. Find out more about the most common pathways to resume and CV rejection, and what you can do to avoid them.

Common resume and CV rejections

Following on from our Top 10 resume mistakes, we take a deeper look as to why a resume is rejected and some typical feedback you may receive from a recruiter.  From being "over qualified" to the "wrong culture fit," these are simple to understand explanations.

Tailoring you CV to a job description

Possibly the most common mistakes with employment seekers is their inability to understand that there is a problem with the way their resume content is being portrayed to the reader and how they are aligning their content to a job description.

Improving the layout of your resume

Confused as to how long a resume should be, chronological, skills based resumes, the mini resume? Did you know there's a whole pethera of opinions and options regarding the layout, syles and resumes that can used in the market. Here we'll look at the different version and explain their usage.


Reaching the Top 5%

Confused as to how long a resume should be? Should you used a chronological, reverse-chronological or a skills based resume? Now there's a whole plethora of opinions and options regarding the layout, styles snd formats of resumes that can used in the market. Here we'll look at the different version and explain their usage.