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Looking for more than just a Resume/CV? We offer a full branding experience from LinkedIn to building client identities
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Competency Based Resumes
Shhhh...Our Secret Formula
Our Master Resume Writers use competency-based framework to craft powerfully written CV/Resumes.
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Resume Writing Pricing
Pricing Guide - 2021
Our pricing structure has been designed to be affordable to all, with a focus on maximum return on your investment.
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Australia's Industry Leading Resume Writers & LinkedIn Profiling Consultants.

Putting it simply, we love what we do!

Helping clients succeed in their career goals is in our blood, and leveraging our years of industry insight is a fantastically rewarding experience. Being both Master Resume Writers and leading Recruitment Experts, we've set the bar for high-end resume writing and LinkedIn profiling in Australia. We target the Top 5% of applicant short lists, delivering to our clients the results they so rightly deserve.

As one of the most sought-after, most-awarded, and best-loved resume writing services in the market today, we are here to help you succeed.

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Over 20 Industry Awards:

1st Place TORI Winners | CV Pro Award | C-Suite Awards | CV Magazine Awards | RI Industry Award | EmploymentGuide Lifetime Award | Pro-Mag Best Resume Service Australia | WOMO 5-Star | AI Media Australian CEO Award

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itouch Master Resume Writers: Award-Winning Competency Based Resumes ©
We are Master Resume Writers who have perfected the art of "competency-based" resume writing. Each one of our clients has a different story to tell.
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Resume Hacks - How to Tailor a Resume

Resume Hacks: Right now were busy working...
Right now, we’re most likely in front of a computer screen doing what we do best! No, we're not part of a secret society. But we would like to share these 5 simple hacks we use to tailor a CV/Resume.
Powerful Tips

Resume Services - Pricing Guide

LinkedIn Profiling:
Jump start your LinkedIn profile. We focus on delivering “All-Star” status profiles that drive new views and connections to your LinkedIn channel. Suitable for all levels of experience, our resident experts focus on results. LinkedIn Services

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The hidden job market

Want to know how you can open hundreds more opportunities and leap frog the competition? Here you will get a unique insight into just a few of the many tricks used by professionals the world over.


   The Hidden Job Market
Unsuccessful job application?

Turn a negative into a positive. We take a deeper look at three of the more common CV/Resume job application rejections and how you can use feedback as a benefit to improve your job search strategy.

Tailoring CV/Resume Content

Possibly the most common mistakes with employment seekers is their inability to understand that there is a problem with the way their resume content is being portrayed to the reader and how they are aligning their content to a job description.

Tailoring Resume Content
Top 10 Resume Mistakes

To really beat the competition, you need to present a flawless application that will be appreciated and leave the reader wanting to know more. Here we exam some of the very typical resume and CV mistakes.

Reaching the Top 5%

What really makes an excellent Resume Writer? This can range from the industry experience they have through to their knowledge of how the recruitment market works. A useful indication is also the awards they have won over the years..