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Roland Coombes - Chief Resume Writer

I’m Roland Coombes, the CEO & Chief Resume Writer at iTouch.

I set up iTouch Master Resumes in 2006, and since then, we have been recognised as a driving force behind the resounding career success of thousands of jobseekers. 

We treat each client as an individual, and take great pride transforming each Resume and LinkedIn profile into a powerful personal brand. Our approach is meticulous, involving in-depth analysis of the client’s experience, extensive industry research, and crafting content that positions you with the target audience. Our ultimate goal is to leave every client with a profound “wow” factor, whilst achieving that TOP 5% status and leave nothing to chance. We are 100% committed to each and every client project we take on. Your career success is our unwavering focus. 

• Over 40 industry publications

• 30 Industy Awards

• Senior LinkedIn Resume & Career Commentator

• Expert in the Australian recruitment markets


Our Master Resume Writers use a unique formula of a Competency-Based Framework (CBF) + STAR + Strength Based Content + Advanced Application Tracking (ATS 2.0) key wording strategies. This unique and powerful model is why our resume writers enjoy unparalleled success for our clients.

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Why choose itouch as your preferred partner?

Resume Writers - Over 20 Years Market Experience A One-to-One Service

Tap into our 20 years of Australian market experience, providing you with immediate access to expert insights, knowledge, and industry secrets.

Dynamic Content for each CV Resume Dynamic Content

Each CV.Resume and LinkedIn profile is built using a Competency + STAR + Strength Based Framework. This strategy is unique to itouch.

Best Resume Writers in Sydney and Australia Beat the Top 5%

Every resume/CV we create is tailored to aim your application in the top 5% of shortlists. This goal is pivotal for achieving success and is our core focus.

Double Diamond Resume Writing Services Career Advice

Not quite sure what direction you should be heading in, no problem. We have expertise across all market verticals from Top 100 ASX listed companies to Not-for-Profits

ATS Filters Advanced ATS Filters

We use the very latest strategies to achieve "High Ranking" in the newest 2023/24 ATS/AI & ChatGPT HR filtering technologies.

Career Counselling Interview Support

Do you struggle making it past interviews? We have a specialist available who will build your confidence and skill sets.

Australian Resume Writers Australian Based

We don't offshore our work, we are 100% Australian based working in the markets that we excel in across NSW, ACT, WA, QLD, and VIC

100% Guarantees 100% Guarantees

We offer an unlimited revisions policy to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end product. Terms & Conditions apply.

Our Content Writing Strategy

Step 1: Market Identification
Step2: Competency Based Framework (CBF)
Step 3: STAR + Stength Based Content
Step 4: Advanced ATS 2.0 Strategies

 Our resume writers use a specialist professional resume framework that is uniquely designed to showcase their skills, expertise, and value add. Step inside to learn about our secret formula, and why you should choose iTouch as your preferred professional resume writer.

Are you seeking a competitive edge in the job market? 

Boasting an impressive collection of over 30 industry awards and 20 years of Australian job market experience, we have earned a reputation as not just Resume Writers, but as Master Resume Writers.

We have an unwavering commitment to excellence that ensures every resume we craft is a masterpiece. More importantly, we focus on the individual. No cookie-cutters here, just expert Resume Writers, CV Writers, and LinkedIn Writing Services.

Our core focus is to ensure you not only have a standout resume that captivates employers, but you enjoy that all important comptetive edge. 

By choosing iTouch Professional Resume Writers, we will help you gain command of your career.  

  • More than 30 Resume Writer Awards
  • One-to-One Consultation
  • Market Leaders
  • Incredible Success Rates
  • Full Guarantees of Services

FAQs About Our Resume Writers

What makes iTouch different to other Resumes Writers?

Our team of expert Resume Writers are just a handful of resume writers worldwide who use a competency-based framework (CBF) to build each and every resume. This framework is far superior to the traditional ways of other Resume Writers who adopt standard responsibilities and achievements as their main model. Our core competency framework ensures that all content is aligned with the client’s target market, as well as an advanced STAR (situation-task-action-result) model. Research is also a big part of our work. We look  into each and every client’s background, their target markets, and the potential can competition they may face within those markets. This analysis is then used to adopt a strategy that will re-position the client as one who can excel in their chosen field.

What is a Master Resume Writer?

Master Resume Writers are typically industry leaders who possess a high level of expertise in resume writing, career branding, and job search strategies. They usually have a minimum of 10-15 years of industry experience. Additionally, Master Resume Writers have: Recognised awards: They are acknowledged by reputable organizations in the field for their exceptional work. Industry involvement: They actively contribute to setting industry standards and improving the profession. Mentorship: They have experience training and developing other resume writers. iTouch's Expertise: We have over 25 years of experience, 30 industry awards, trained countless resume writers in Australia, and actively participate in several industry committees, including previously with Career Directors International, helping to uphold industry standards. You can also expet much better results from Master Resume Writers given their expertise in the market.

What awards have you won?

We have amassed over 30 industry awards, including 4 x TORI winners and nominees, Australian CEO Excellence Awards, The CV Pro Awards for Best Resume Writers, C-Suite Awards, the AEG Lifetime Award, and more. Our work has also been recognised in the, Sydney Courier, Hudson Weekly, and more. We also have hundreds of 5-star reviews on WOMO, Google Business, True Local, Product Review, and more. Roland Coombes has also served on many committees, including CDI International, which has paved the way for improving Resume Writing Services in both Australia and internationally. Roland has also been a mentor for many of the resume writers in Australia.

Can I choose which Resume Writer to work with?

While we are a small, close-knit team, Roland Coombes (Master Resume Writer) is still very hands-on with many of his clients. So, don’t be surprised if you end up working with Roland  directly on your project.  However, we also have other Master Resume Writers available. Before any job is assigned, we will clarify exactly who you are working with. You will be able to review their full profile, and if you prefer, speak with them directly. We have built our reputation on honest, open, and transparent communication.

Are you based in Australia or offshore?

We are Australian-based Resume Writers. We do not offshore any work. We cover all regions throughout Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, and more. We typically work online and are available to you by phone, Zoom/Teams, ChatGPT, and email.

How does the process work, and how long does it take to write a professional resume?

In short, we schedule our work around 4-9 working days in advance. For some, we may be able to offer an expedited process. However, you will need to allow for time to work through our Q&A stages and also the time needed for reviewing your resume. Our Master Resume Writers will work with you through each stage of the process and will be able to update on timeframes regularly. We would recommend that you continue to send out your existing CV/Resume during this process to avoid missing out on any potential applications.

What results can I expect?

Many of our clients see an instant return on investment (ROI), with some reporting upwards of 5-15x greater increases in the number of interviews being offered and many securing jobs in less than 4-8 weeks. However, we do not pretend that one resume will open up doors to every single job application. As experienced resume writers, we know it takes a lot more in terms of strategies to increase a client’s performance rate on the market. For example, we may need to work with you on different types of approaches in the market.

Do your resumes pass Applicant Tracking Software 2.0?

Yes, we are ahead of the changes currently happening in ATS. In fact, we recently published several articles both on our website and across the LinkedIn community to alert jobseekers and resume writers to the changes happening in the industry relating to ATS and 2.0. This includes the need for resume writers to rethink how they are producing content i.e. to move away from basic algorithms and introduce much more advanced competency-based frameworks, industry achievements, long-tailed keywords, advanced algorithms, and leveraging social signals (including LinkedIn) to elevate and push a CV through the ranking signals needed to ensure that you achieve a top 5% listing status in ATS systems.

How do I make a booking?

Visit the booking form on our site and fill out the appropriate fields. It will help if you can supply a current CV/Resume or LinkedIn profile when you fill out the form so we can better understand your background experience. However, if you don’t have any up to date documents, not a problem. We will walk you through the information needed to provide a quote. All quotes are obligation free. We typically respond within a few hours or one working day.

Do you offer 100% guarantees of services?

Yes, we offer 100% guarantees of service for all Resume Writing Services and LinkedIn writing services.However, from time to time,  if a resume or LinkedIn profile has not been achieving the desired results, our Resume Writer will then need to undertake a complete review of what has been happening. This review will also include rewriting content and making changes as required. This may also include extended guidance on job search strategies. We want this to be a success as we see each client as a long-term opportunity.

Expert Resume Writers Across Australia

Resume Writers in Sydney

Sydney’s dynamic job market demands standout resumes, especially in sectors like finance, technology, and media. At iTouch Master Resume Writers, we understand the pulse of this vibrant city. Our expert writers craft compelling resumes that highlight your skills and achievements, ensuring you stand out in the competitive Sydney job landscape. Whether you’re aiming for a corporate role in Barangaroo or a tech start-up in Surry Hills, our tailored resumes open doors to your dream career.

Resume Writers in Brisbane

Brisbane is rapidly growing, with expanding opportunities in public administration, healthcare, and infrastructure. At iTouch Master Resume Writers, we craft resumes that emphasise your expertise and readiness for Brisbane’s job markets. Whether you’re a professional aiming for a role in the government sector or the booming construction industry, our resumes are designed to showcase your skills and propel you to the forefront of the job market in Brisbane.

Resume Writers in Melbourne

Melbourne’s cultural diversity and robust economic environment make it a hub for creative industries, education, and health services. iTouch Master Resume Writers are here to help you navigate Melbourne’s eclectic job market. Our professional writers specialise in creating personalised, impactful resumes that cater to the unique opportunities in Melbourne. Let us help you capture the essence of what Melbourne employers are looking for.

Resume Writers in Canberra

Canberra’s job market is dominated by the public sector, with a significant demand for professionals in government, defense, and policy-making. At iTouch Master Resume Writers, we design resumes that speak directly to the needs of Canberra’s predominant employers. Our tailored resumes emphasise your policy expertise, analytical skills, and the unique qualifications needed to excel in the public domain, helping you secure a pivotal role in Australia’s capital.

Resume Writers in Perth

As the gateway to Australia’s mining and energy sectors, Perth offers unique career opportunities that require specialised resumes. iTouch Master Resume Writers has a deep understanding of the Perth job market, focusing on creating resumes that highlight sector-specific skills and experiences. Whether you’re looking to advance in the mining industry or capitalise on Perth’s growing renewable energy sector, our expertly crafted resumes are your first step towards achieving your career goals.