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Be under no illusion, competition for the government sector is fiercly competitive

Individuals seeking secure and stable long-term careers often gravitate towards the government sector, attracted by its diverse employment opportunities and the growing integration of technology in various market sectors. In fact, we are seeing more and more demand for dynamic individuals. However, Goverment applications can be extreemly demanding given the intense competition, complex application processes, and stringent selection criteria that each applicant needs to go through.


The government sector is highly sought after for its promise of long-term career prospects and job security. Government jobs offer stability, competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and attractive pension schemes. This appeal leads to high demand for positions in the sector, resulting in fierce competition and increasing challenges for job seekers.


Job seekers will benefit from a vast range of fields and positions, catering to a wide array of skills and interests. From administrative roles to law enforcement, asset managers, project manager, engineering, education to research, there is a job for almost every professional background. This diverse landscape provides job seekers with ample options but also intensifies competition within each specialised domain.


The government sector is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusivity, making it an appealing option for people of diverse backgrounds. Government entities strive to reflect the diversity of their communities in their recruitment processes. Aspiring job applicants need to do more than just showcase their skills and experience; they must also show how they can enhance the diverse and inclusive environment of the sector.


The application process for government positions, i.e., the selection criteria, is often demanding (although a recent trend has seen the need for Selection Criteria to be reduced). Job seekers must find ways to stand out among the competition both on their CV and through their application. outlining specific skills, qualifications, and experience desired by the employer. This requirement can be time-consuming and demands meticulous attention to detail.


We will partner with you to design a resume that lifts your skills and experience and enhances your profile to an extent where you’ll have confidence in yourself, and prospective employers will relish the opportunity of meeting with you. We are also experts in dealing with career changes. So whether you’re in need of a new resume or would like us to work on your selection criteria, we can provide a range of government, defence, private and public sector resumes for:-

We write resumes for:

  • Local and federal government
  • Australian defence forces and associated groups
  • Public and emergency services (including officers and management)
  • Information services
  • Education and Nursing(incl. private and public sectors)
  • Broadcasting mediums
  • Transport
  • Administration services


Example | Project Engineer targeting NSW Capital Infrastructure Work (Government)

Project engineer resume - Simon Lewis
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