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Recruitment agencies play an integral part in the market, with upwards of 80% of all jobs listed online and in print being through recruiters. You will find generalist recruiters through to specialist recruitment agencies; recruiters who will be happy to receive speculative calls from you and ones that will only call you in for registering if you match existing job vacancies. However, if your background is sought after in the market, you will inevitably receive a call.

Perception in the market

Amongst job seekers you will receive mixed feedback on how recruiters have performed in terms of customer service, finding suitable positions, and maintaining contact. Whatever your experience, you do need to follow certain rules of engagement. Firstly, it’s important to recognise that recruitment agencies earn their money by placing candidates into jobs and therefore their relationship and time are more client focused. Unfortunately, a common trait amongst some recruiters (especially the larger firms) is to only reach out to candidates when they choose to, and often don’t respond to phone calls and emails directly (even to those candidates who are registered).

This lack of interest to engage with speculative and prospective job seekers may seem unacceptable given that we live in a world where customer service should be a top priority, but this is the reality behind the recruitment process. However, keep trying and don’t take a lack of call-back or feedback personally. Persistence is key.

Being more selective, thinking smart...

Next, if you work smart you’ll see more results. By this, we refer to being selective about the roles and opportunities you apply to, and handpicking recruitment agencies that you would like to target. Also, be selective with the roles you are trying to apply to.

Are all jobs advertised real?

This question comes up fairly often, and it is true to say that some recruiters will post job advertisements that may not be a live role and have been advertised to pull in new candidates. It’s impossible to know if the role is real, so you will need to presume that it is.

Keep control of your resume

Recruiters are under legislation to ensure your information remains “private and confidential” and will only be released to an employer with your permission. It is up to you to make sure only one employment agency represents you to a company. If a recruiter won’t give you the name of the company they would like to send your CV to, we would suggest that you consider retracting your application until they provide this information. You need to keep control of where your resume is going to avoid duplication of application.

In conclusion

Being selective and working smart will reap the most rewards in your job search; trying to apply for everything will only have a negative effect. Lower your expectations of what a recruiter can do, but be persistent. If you’re not getting callbacks, then you need to seek help
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