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I have been utilising itouch resume services for eight years which says it all. It keeps my resume up to date with the latest formatting, structure and most importantly of latest industry buzzwords. When I have checked my resume against colleagues over the years, it is of a superior standard. I've had employers and industry contacts commenting on the quality and when I mention that I engage itouch resume solutions, they are asking for the contact details. "
Jody - Senior Manager (Word of Mouth)


I went from being lucky to get any feedback or response from employers and recruiters to positive replies and people initiating contact with me to offer me roles.
Not only that, it also gave me great peace of mind and confidence that my applications that I was putting out there are of great quality and are not the reason I don't get selected for a role that I apply for.
Jody - Senior Manager (Word of Mouth)


Roland assisted with the preparation of my Resume which resulted in an interview for my current role. I found Roland to be professional and ethical in the way that he presented my work history, skills and value proposition to prospective employers. My resume has been highly successful and I have no hesitancy in recommending Roland's work.
Paul B (LinkedIn - Recommendations)


I came to know of Roland through a friend of mine. I was initially apprehensive about paying the fees upfront for constructing my resume as the communicatinos were primarily through emails. But Roland called me over the phone and assured me about continuous service till I am fully satisfied. I found that very positive and reassuring. Roland kept his word and continued to support me when ever I queried him and was quick to respond. I have since recommended Roland to a few friends of mine. Keep up the good work Roland.
Balaji P (LinkedIn - Recommendations)


Roland is amazing! I can't thank him enough for giving my resume the boost it needed. Within 4 weeks I got offered a job with an amazing multinational company. The HR manager was quite surprised how my resume was layout. If you are thinking in using i Touch to write your resume I am sure you won't be disappointed.
David S (TrueLocal)


'I'm going to mirror other recommendations here but I feel it's worth expressing my gratitude. As someone who had lost confidence and hate rejection, I was getting lost. I wasn't sure about engaging with itouch at first as I really didn't know what direction to go or whether I can provide the information they needed. However, each stage of this process has been a sheer delight.
DominicAU (TrueLocal)


I would like to thank Itouch professional solutions, concretely Roland Coombes for your resume writing service. Despite the fact that I was recommended by a friend who used your service before, I was still skeptical and spent a lot of time to research and email you for questions. However, the quality of service exceeds my expectation.
Smai (Google Reviews)


 I have been using I Touch Professional Solution for 2 years already, and all I can say is that it works. They work is very professional and they know their stuff.
Fernando B (Google Reviews)



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