Executive Resumes

We are most certainly living in an age where competition is at “cut throat” levels. This is especially true where executive positions and an executive resume is concerned. This brief discussion is going to look at the ways that executive resumes can be structured to benefit an executive in search of a position, and how to use other resources as an advantage too.

Let’s start with the one thing that most executives tend to overlook, and that is the design of the document. Though there are rigid guidelines or outlines about the details to be included in the resume, it is not essential to adhere to any formal system.

For example, if you are seeking to get an executive position within a certain firm, but you have relevant experience from a period far back in your work history, just shift the order of things to be reflective of their value and not reflective of their chronology.

Chronology is often a hurtle for executive resumes because it can easily “date” them and disqualify them because they are of a certain age. Don’t give this sort of information out so easily! Instead, avoid chronology if that works best for your needs. Focus on your achievements or industry awards. Use your objective statement as the introduction to your summary of experiences and skills and don’t focus too much on itemizing according to date. If you have relevant expertise and skills, you have them. It doesn’t matter that you won an award ten years ago…you won it and it is applicable to the situation at hand.

Also, remember that you are someone who has experiences and skills that may be of value to “head hunters”. Often, their searches are far more covert and secretive than any other sort of job search. This means that you may be unable to approach them and have to hope that they find you. You can ensure this by loading your electronic executive resume with the appropriate keywords. Don’t ruin the quality of the document by making it nonsensical, but be sure that the words you would use to find a suitable position also appear in your resume too. This will allow the passive head hunters to use the search engines that you have used as well, and to locate your resume through the use of the most appropriate keywords.

Use all of the tools in your arsenal to create a competitive resume and be sure that you have also designed a searchable document that head hunters can use to find you as well.

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