Our Industry Awards

Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI)
Multiple Award Winners

Crowned TORI Winners for two categories by CDI International, receiving the following commendation:

“Whilst winning a TORI Award represents the pinnacle of resume writers and CV writing services expertise within the industry, nomination for a TORI is one of the most prestigious honours a resume service provider can achieve. Being recognised as ’one of the best’ by your peers is an accolade that very few get to savour. We are proud to introduce the TORI Awards to the resume services and careers industry, because it highlights the work of members in our industry that so often get overlooked.” Laura DeCarlo – President of Career Directors International

We are the founding members of Short-list, which forms part of the “hidden job market” and currently has alliances with many Fortune 100, Blue Chip and SME corporations, as well as many leading recruiters. If you would like more information about Short-list and how this service might benefit your search then please notify us. Your details will not be used unless express permission is sought from  yourself.

C-Suite Awards
Twice Awarded

The C-Suite Awards is a very special award as it is a niche award given to itouch following a survey of higher level executives who reviewed samples of CV/resumes from multiple Resume Writers. This was an international program with only a handful of Resume Writers selected. We were chosen on both content and design layout.

CV Pro Magazine 'Best Resume Writing Services in Australia'-
Three Times Awarded

The CV Pro Magazine Award is held annually. This category is judged by those in the know and demonstrates our success against some of the toughest judges the industry has to offer.We achieved two awards in recent years 1) Judged Best in Class by Recruiters and 2) Judged Best in Class by CEOs.. 

Corporate Vision Career Consulting Awards Winner

The CVCC Award is given to those organisations that go “above and beyond” the client’s expectations. This year, itouch was.awarded based on the outstanding work we have delivered on helping clients transition back to the workforce. 

Word of Mouth Awards
Multiple Awards

The Word of Mouth Service Awards acknowledges exceptional businesses that excel in positive customer reviews and recommendations. It celebrates companies that prioritise exceptional service, going the extra mile to make a lasting impression on their customers. These awards serve as evidence of the influential role of word-of-mouth marketing, highlighting the significance of genuine customer satisfaction and loyalty. By receiving these accolades, businesses are recognised for their commitment to creating memorable experiences and nurturing strong relationships with their clientele.

Google 5 Star Reviews

We take great pride in both our before and after services and this has come to be recognised by our clients. A very big ‘thank you’ to all those who have helped us become stronger through trust and honesty.

AEG - Lifetime Excellence Award

The prestigious lifetime award honors iTouch Resume Writers for their unwavering commitment and exceptional contributions to the resume writing industry. Recognised for their dedication, iTouch’s innovative approach has transformed the field, setting a new standard of excellence. This accolade celebrates their profound impact and enduring legacy within the industry.

Most Trusted Resume Writing Company 2024

Awarded by APAC Insider for delivering expertise as a trusted resume writing provider.

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