Tailoring resume content for the Top 5%

Picture this:

you walk past a poster jam-packed with text and information, but none of it really sparks any interest. Do you spend your time reading through the content or do you simply ignore it and move on with the rest of your day?

You’re going to move on right? That means the poster is a fail!

Well, that’s exactly what happens when recruiters are faced with sifting through pages of resumes. It becomes a very tedious task. In fact, unless a CV/Resume is at least an 80-90%+ match in terms of content, it’s likely it will be either rejected or put on the “maybe” pile (never to be picked up again!).

Working with you to identify your primary target

Some clients know exactly what their target market is. Others are not so sure. As part of our resume writing services, our Master Resume Writers work with each client to identify their primary and secondary goals, targets and position types. We provide subjective reviews and work with you to evaluate the strength of your background to your chosen target market.

Remember: We are here to support your career goals and dreams, but we will also provide realistic guidance based on our many years in the recruitment industry.

Tailoring the content

Once we have received all our client’s background information, identified their target market, established the competency-based framework needed, and have worked through that all-important Q&A (question and answer) process, the next stage is to build and tailor the CV/Resume content.

This is where our Master Resume Writers come into their own

Our goal is to make it very obvious to the reader that you are the ideal person for this job. We craft every line, every point, and every paragraph into relevant, qualified, and value-added data to create the ideal resume for our clients.

Key wording and core competencies are integrated throughout.

Allowing for future adjustments/refining

Because there may well be instances where you will need to adjust your CV/Resume, we provide each client with an “essential guide” to equip you with the information to do this. We intentionally supply your resume in MS Word (open-access), to enable you to do this.


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