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Are you looking for a resume writer that specialises in accounting resumes? Our services offer you access to the best Resume Writers in Australia , we keep up with the latest industry changes and know precisely how to present your resume to accelerate your career. What’s more, Roland Coombes (CEO of iTouch Master Resume Writers) build his caeer in the Accounting & Finance recruitment sector. 

Keeping pace with changes in the market

The rise of AI and automation has rewritten roles for many in the accounting & finance sectors, as routine tasks like data entry, reconciliations and reports can now be generated at lightning speed. To stay relevant as a candidate, you’ll need to demonstrate a solid grasp of the latest technologies and an understanding of how they can be used in collaboration with your unique human skill set to deliver results that are both accurate and efficient.

Setting yourself apart in today’s market requires showcasing your abilities in using data analytics tools, financial software, and emerging technologies like blockchain. Our Resume Writers have noted that professionals with a strong knowledge of data analysis and interpretation will be in the highest demand, as the large volumes of financial data produced from evolving technologies will still require a skilled individual to interpret this data and glean actionable insights.


With technology quickly becoming the go-to solution for basic and time-consuming tasks, accountants and finance professionals will increasingly assume the role of strategic advisors within organisations. Employers will need people who are able to interpret data to find trends, and make meaningful recommendations for enhancing profitability, reducing costs and managing risks. Your resume will need to demonstrate and reflect the developments in the market, tailoring your resume to each role.

Accounting and finance professionals will also need to be context savvy – interpreting financial information in the framework of industry trends, regulatory changes and competitive dynamics. Skills in risk management, financial modelling,and forecasting will be highly valued as organisations strive to make informed decisions.


The demand for professionals in accounting and finance with high-level communication and collaboration skills is only going to increase with main job boards such as showing a rapid demand in this sector. These professionals will increasingly collaborate within teams of marketing, operations, and technology departments. They will be required to clarify sophisticated financial information for non-financial stakeholders and work together on various projects. Employers will favour those capable of articulating financial insights powerfully and succinctly, supporting decision-making throughout the organisation.



In an effort to minimise risk, recruiters and employers want to hire accounting and finance professionals who possess a strong ethical compass and a thorough understanding of legal compliance. In light of recent accounting scandals and increased regulatory scrutiny, employers are seeking professionals who operate with integrity, transparency and who have an outstanding record of adhering to accounting standards.

But a commitment to ethical behaviour goes beyond embodying those qualities – it means keeping informed of evolving accounting principles and regulations including financial reporting standards, tax laws, and industry-specific regulations.  

This has led to a significant jump in compliance based roles being advertised in websites such as SEEK and LinkedIn. 

Getting NoticeD

Did you know, there are many ways to get your CV and resume noticed in just 10 seconds. The key strategy is to know how and where to place industry specific content, as well as to utilise professional resume content that incorporates the very latest standards for ATS 2.0, STAR, and competency-based content.  Key to success will be demonstrating why an employer should interview you above all other applicants, through value-added statements.

Expert Resume Writing for the Accounting Sector

Roland Coombes built his career in Accounting recruitment. As a result, iTouch has remained at the foregron of CV and best resume writing in this sector. We design content around your career goals and aspirations as well as help you understand what’s required from today’s employment market.

Can’t see your requirement? There are over 100+ position types we could list, but we never forget that everyone who comes to us does so as an individual – so all our clients resume writing needs differ.

We Write Resumes for:

  • Director of Finance, CFOs, FDs, etc
  • Financial Controllers, Group FCs, Finance Managers
  • Principles, Partners & Associate Directors
  • Financial Analysts/Financial Planning & Reporting (FPA)
  • Risk Management & Risk Analysts
  • Tax Accountants & Tax Assistants
  • Payroll Officers & Payroll Management
  • AP & AR Managers / Supervisors
  • Assistant Accountants &Clerks
  • Graduate Accountants

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